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Wedding Videography Questions & Answers


Q. How many videographers are included in your packages? 

A. All of our packages include 2 videographers. If required, we can provide a 3rd shooter with The three videographer package. 


Q. How long is the final video?

A. Every wedding or event is different, and the length of the final product can vary. We work with clients to decide on an appropriate runtime which is on average 30 minutes - 1.5 hours on the DVD's final cut. 

Runtimes can range from 15 minutes to a few hours depending on what our clients vision for the final cut may be. 


Q. What if we run out of hours on the wedding day? 

A. All packages are based on the expectation that most weddings will run late. It is common for us to stay up to an extra hour free of charge.


Q. What kind of wedding ceremonies have you shot?

a. Lithium has shot every kind of ceremony imaginable, from christian, humanist, jewish, muslim, Gay/Lesbian, sikh and everything in between.  


Q. Can we pick the songs used in the video? 

A. Yes, clients have the option to choose what songs are used in their DVD.


Q. How do the payments work? 

A. Package prices are split into 3 payments. 1st payment at signing, 2nd on the wedding day, and 3rd when we deliver the final product.  


Q. How do we get the raw footage?

A. Video is captured digitally on cards and therefore all raw footage is stored on a hard drive. We ask clients to provide a hard drive with at least 200GB of free space to copy all of the raw video. Raw Footage also includes the prepared DVD files which can be used to burn extra copies of the DVD.


Q. Are the DVD's or Blu-Ray's copyright protected?

A. No, All DVD's from LithiumCinema are capable of being copied or ripped. We allow our clients to copy or rip extra copies of their DVD's. 


Q. Do you sub-contract out any of your shooting or editing projects? 

A. Never! We keep our contracted work within Lithium from start to finish.


Q. Do you also do wedding photography?

A. Absolutely, we have photo and video wedding packages.


Q. Do you offer drone video?

A. Yes! LithiumCinema does offer drone video. Drones are small remote controlled aircraft that shoot areial video, it gives your video an amazing cinematic look shot from hundreds of feet in the air! 


Q. Do you do Same Day Edits (SDE's)?

Yes! We offer same day edits and use some of the best editors in the industry to provide you a spectacular cinematic looking 3-5 minute recap of the days events to be shown at your reception.


Q. What information do you need about our event?

A. The itinerary is an absolute must! The more information you can provide, the more efficiently we can work. If possible, we always try to attend wedding rehearsals.


Q. Do you shoot in HD? 

A. Absolutely! Everything we shoot is in High Definition. we offer Blu-Rays as well as SD DVD's.


Q. What is your range of travel? What if our wedding is far away? Do you charge for travel costs, (gas, time traveled etc).

A) We shoot anywhere in the GTA and do not charge extra for travel. We will also shoot outside the GTA as long as the location is no more than a 1.5 hour drive time from outside the GTA area. If your wedding is further away, we change a flat $150 travel fee. 


Q. What happens incase of sickness or an unforeseen act of god?

A) LithiumCinema always has backup videographers/photographers incase of sickness or any other reason that one of our shooters cannot attend. If I cannon attend as the lead cinematographer, clients have two choices:

1) I will be replaced by another company and their videographer, (we will arrange it).

2) If you do not wish to proceed without my presence, we will return your deposit.

in all of the years we have been shooting events, we have never had a no show due to sickness or for any other reason. We pride ourselves in our reliability. 


Q. How many cameras do you shot with?

a) The number of cameras used often depends on the event we are shooting and how many videographers that are at your event. LithiumCinema always shoots with at least two videographers and therefore we will always have a minimum of three cameras at each shoot - two operated cameras and one stand alone camera.


Q. Do you use wireless microphones?

a) Yes, for proper audio acquisition at a distance, such as wedding vows, wireless lav microphones are a must for crisp and clear audio. We normally hook up the microphones to the groom and the officiant. We do not mic the bride as the black microphones are easily visible in photographs. 


Q. Is there something a client can do to help the videographer or photographer shoot better and more productively?

a YES! Please download our client tip's guideline HERE


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Toronto Photography Questions and Answers


Q. How many photographers are included in your packages?

A) All packages include at least 1 photographer but we can add a second photographer if it fits your budget, 


Q) How many pictures on average do you shoot during a wedding.

A) The number of photos captured can very by the package, number of photographers and the event, but the average is 500-1500 photographs. 


Q How do we get our pictures?

A) If you do not choose to purchase an album, We load all of your wedding pictures on a provided hard drive. (Hard Drive also included with an album). All Pictures on the Hard drive are colour corrected and cropped. We then choose 15-20 of the best photographs for special editing within photoshop and/or lightroom. 


Q) Do you edit any of the pictures?

A) Yes, all pictures are cropped and colour corrected. Our photographer will also choose 10-15 photos to do "special" more intensive touching up, colouring and work within photoshop.


Q) Do you offer albums?

A) Yes, we offer a variety of albums from simple soft cover prints on paper to leather bound heavy stalk picture-books. Prices range from ($150-$500) depending on materials, print quality, paper weight and the number of pages.


Q. Can we choose which pictures go in the album?

A. Absolutely 


Q. Do I need to acquire permits for out shooting locations?

A. Yes, most parks and scenic areas require a permit for a wedding shoot.


Q. Should we provide you with a list of some pictures or styles we like to help you capture the types of pictures we are looking for?

a. Yes, it will help the photographer be sure to take the pictures you want and it will help the photo shoot move faster.


#Tip - The bride should have an extra pair of shoes for the photo shoot. The ground may be wet and/or muddy and wearing high heels could be an injury risk!


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