Getting Your Own Succulent Wedding Bouquet

There’s a new trend in town, and it’s taking over the traditional floral decor at weddings. Succulents with their thick, fleshy petals have recently been taking the wedding world by storm lately. Brides love them for their versatility and how easy they are to care for. Succulents can live out of water for weeks meaning they not only last longer than traditional flowers, but they can even be put together in bouquets weeks ahead of the wedding. The best part about them just might be they can be replanted after the wedding as a forever favor for guests and a keepsake from the big day!

Here’s a few guidelines for using succulents in your bouquets, whether they’re part of a mixed arrangement or standing all on their own.

The most common types of succulents used in wedding decor are Sedum, Pachyveria. and Echeveria. If it sounds Greek to you, that’s okay! Here is a quick breakdown.

There are about 600 different types of Sedum succulents which usually have about five petals. The different species offer a full rainbow of colors to meet with any wedding color scheme. For example, the Purple Emperor has dark purple foliage with batches of pink flowers, the Cauticola has grayish green leaves with clusters of purple flowers, and the Frosty Morn has beautiful foliage with bright pink flowers. And these are just three of the many different varieties!

The Pachyveria succulents have chunky, colorful petals and rosettes. Echeveria is popular for it’s wide lavender leaves with pink edges.

Succulents are able to hold water meaning they stay fresh much longer than everyday bouquets. They are not only popular for their staying power, but offer a colorful, bright look in a wedding bouquet.

Make Your Own Bouquet

It’s not difficult to make your own bouquet of succulents, and you can always get a florist to help you if needed. First, you obviously want to choose the varieties of plants you’d like to use. You’ll need to cut away the roots and any dead foliage before you can secure them in a bouquet. Don’t worry, your succulents can still grow again even after you discard the roots. Afterward, wash the stems and dry them before going to the next step.

You will need to put pre-cut wire into the base of each succulent. 20-gauge floral wire is the easiest to use. Choose a succulent to start with and put a piece through the bottom of the stem. You can reinforce the base by putting piece into a loop and placing it against the stem of the plant. Twist the wire and wrap it around the base of the stem, all the way down the initial piece of wire.

Next, get your floral tape and wrap it around the stem to camouflage the wire. Follow these same steps with all of the rosettes until you have the size of bouquet you want. If you plan to add other flowers, leave some space between your succulents to place them in. Play with other flowers to decide which kinds look best with your succulents, and then fill in all the extra space in the bouquet. Then, wrap the stems with floral tape. A simple trick to keeping the stems together is using a chopstick to strengthen the succulent stems.

Choose burlap, fabric, or ribbon to cover the floral tape and decorate the bouquet. You can place as much or as little of the fabric as you want; most wrap the entire base for a decorative look. Secure this with floral pins. If you choose to make full succulent bouquets before the wedding date, do not refrigerate them as this will damage the petals. A mixed bouquet will have to be made closer to your ceremony to keep the more delicate flowers healthy as well.

Popular Combinations of Succulents and Blossoms

Succulents work perfectly as accents in a big floral bouquet full of different blooms. Mixing them with yellow orchids and white roses or hydrangeas creates a bright, light bouquet. You can mix some light succulents with bright pink peonies and white roses for a softer, elegant feel, or for a more natural, soft look, go for cream roses and baby’s breath. Black and white anemones create a formal feel when paired with succulents, and sunflowers will help your bouquet give off that very rustic charm. Play with different colors and use your favorites to mix and match until you have something you love.

Succulents have long lived in the shadows of traditional flowers as the go-to plant for weddings, but that’s starting to change. These plants are a great accent to any wedding, whether you choose to create a full succulent bouquet or whether you pair them with flowers. You don’t have to stop at bouquets either! Succulents make great wedding favors, centerpieces, and boutonnieres for your groomsmen. Have fun with the combinations and enjoy this new trend to the fullest.

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Posted on June 23, 2017 .