Funny Wedding Stories #4

1) I started planning for my wedding a few months ago, and of course the first interaction I had with any vendors I decided to contact was one of the weirdest experiences of my life. It gave me a really bad feeling about wedding planning at the time. Thankfully, after this happened, everything else has gone smoothly (so far). Here’s my story…

After finding our venue, the first vendor I started looking for was a photographer. I started doing some exploratory research on wedding photographers to figure out pricing. Most people I contacted just emailed me a PDF back with their pricing structures, add-ons, etc.

Well, I hear back from this one lady who says she doesn’t like sending pricing structures because she likes to customize her pricing to her specific clients and asks if I would be willing to meet. I found out she only lived 15 minutes away, so I agreed. (BIG MISTAKE.)</div>
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<div>I get to her apartment that she shares with her husband and her dog and it smells awful. It’s messy and has huge stains all over the carpet. She immediately starts complaining about a bride she just did a wedding for… which I found completely unprofessional. Then she sits me down in her kitchen area and corners me inSo, she starts talking about how she’s been doing wedding photography for more than 20 years. She starts asking about our timeline of the wedding. After I tell her our idea of what we want she says, “Good. I like to know when dinner is because you know, you have to feed me.” AND THEN she says, “oh, and I’m vegetarian, gluten-free, and I don’t eat soy so you need to have something on your menu that accommodates that.” Then she goes on to say, “and you know how photographers have assistants? Well, I usually bring my husband along as my assistant so you will have to feed him too.” But she doesn’t stop there. “My husband and I like to dance a song or two together.” (Um, how about I pay you to take pictures and not have a date night with your husband at my wedding?) Then she starts asking about the colors of the wedding. I tell her we haven’t decided for sure but are thinking of navy and a light, blush pink color. “Oh. I HATE pink.” (Good thing it’s not your wedding, lady.) So now she asks me if I will be wanting one or two photographers. I tell her probably only one but that I would be open to two depending on the cost. She says, “my husband can be your second photographer for an extra price!” (I forget what the extra price was, but it was a lot.) So I say, “Oh, your husband is a photographer too?” And she says, “no, but he’s pretty good about knowing when to press the button if you put the camera on a tripod.” (OMG. WTF, NO. I’M NOT PAYING FOR THAT.) So then she takes out two small “portfolios” of pictures. Really, they were just two very tiny photo albums. This didn’t seem like much to show since she had told me she had been doing wedding photography for more than 20 years. The pictures were awful. Anyone I would be inviting to my wedding could do better with their cellphone. But here’s the real kicker… I get to a picture with a poem written over the bride’s wedding dress in a bright red, Comic Sans font. I pause on it for a minute trying to figure out what it was and she chimes in, “OH! With every photo package I offer, I take time during the reception to sit down and write you a personalized poem and then I type it over one of your pictures!” (1. I am just looking for a photographer here. I am not looking to pay someone to not take pictures during the reception because they are writing me a poem that I wasn’t looking for in the first place. 2. Okay, it’s a nice thought and maybe that could be a nice touch if it was written in a nice script font or something… but BRIGHT RED, Comic Sans??? And btw, there was no red in the picture to even match it. 3. I want people to see my dress in my wedding pictures and I don’t want it covered by some random poem.) Anyway, this meeting that I thought would take maybe 30 minutes turned into 2 hours! I kept trying to leave but was blocked in. When I finally got into my car, I immediately called my MOH with the story. She couldn’t believe it. I get home and my fiance had returned from work while I was gone. He asked where I was and I just couldn’t stop laughing about the whole incident. I still find it a bit crazy.

3) We went to see a venue that looked absolutely beautiful – we met with the lady who ran the place on her property – and she kept talking about all the money they had put into the place and that’s why the price was so high. She mentioned a bride had wanted to sell liquor at her wedding and so an inspector came out for the liquor license (she said she prefers clients to have an open bar),  when the inspector came out – things weren’t up to code, so they got shut down and all the problems they ran into while getting it up to code  she had weddings booked, but had to call the bride to tell them this, 2 weeks before hand … . It was terrible by the sound of it.  Fiance and I tried to leave multiple times.. but she just kept going on and on … the venue would be nice with some decore (and it is now up to code!) but she totally changed our opinion. She even mentioned sometimes they get noise complaints from the neighbours.  Too many red flags, and the cost was insane for just a barn with tables + chairs. Unprofessional – you don’t tell a possible future client the problems you’ve had. 

4)The only one I’ve encountered so far is one of the DJs I called. His pricing was cheap compared to some others in town, but figured I’d give it a shot to talk to them. When I called, he basicaly read all of the info that was on their website, including “We do an awesome extra for all couples of having a “Chicago Bulls Style” grand entrance” Um, sorry, but that is not unique, and not what I want. Anyways, he bragged about a few other “additional” things that he does that none of the other DJs do, and they were all very standard things (introducting the wedding party, getting a list of songs from you before hand, uplighting at an additional cost, etc). The kicker was when he told me something that really was unique about him apart from other DJs – he told me he does not support the downloading of illegal music, so, to show that he does not download illegally, he subscribes to a service that sends him 20 new CDs every month and he DJs the old school way, with a 5 disc CD changer….. Yeah, I’ll pay the extra couple hundred bucks.

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Posted on June 23, 2017 .