Funny Wedding Stories

Most experienced wedding planners could write a book about the crazy stories they have experienced as a planner.  The drunken guests, bridezillas, groomzillas, weather mishaps and bizarre events that we have seen are enough to test anyone’s patience and professionalism.

This week, we are sharing anonymous stories from event planners all over the world.  Here are some of our favorite random stories:

  • I had a wedding on a lake a few years ago for which I was doing day-of coordination only. The ceremony was on the other side of the lake and the most efficient way to reach the ceremony site was via boat. Driving was an option but a good 20 minutes or so. Though I had told the client in case of inclement weather, the outdoor option could be risky as not only were they encouraging guests to take the boat but we were not allowed inside the house itself. Needless to say, it poured rain as the ceremony began. There were 75 people waiting without cars, except for the few vendors, and the two boats were not allowed to operate when lightning was in the area. So between myself and the caterer and one guest who happened to drive, we transported all 75 guests on the 20 minute trek to the reception hall. I was later credited by the groom during toasts at the reception acknowledging that I had suggested a plan B and they declined thinking it wouldn’t rain on their big day.
  • The reception was going to be held in an old barn.  The wedding was in the late fall and the barn had not been used the week prior to the wedding. When we arrived and opened the barn doors, my assistant and I screamed when we saw that the tables were covered in bugs.  These weren’t just a few spiders, the tables were COMPLETELY covered and there were mice running around. It was so terrible.  We found an exterminator who was able to come out within an hour to spray the bugs and get the mice out.  We kept guests at cocktail hour for an extra 45 minutes until the caterer could set the room.  None of the vendors could eat their dinner knowing what had happened.
  • We had a bride who drew more than 20 extensive diagrams for her wedding day.  The diagrams were absolutely incredible and looked more like artwork.  Every time she changed a detail, she would spend days redrawing the diagrams and resend them to me.  I hope that she embraced her artistic ability after the wedding since the marriage only lasted a few months.
  •  The bride and groom had VERY different opinions on everything. Even things they should have been working on before getting engaged:  religion, how they thought about money, where to live.  At every planning meeting, there was always a discussion about one of those topics. We had a meeting one afternoon to finalize design details. The $hit hit the fan when (and very odd) we were discussing where the aisle would go and how the bride would enter. The groom literally went ballistic over which set of doors the bride would come in. It was strange and once the fight started, there was no stopping it. I sat between them at the head of the table like the divorce attorney would. They went back and forth arguing and her mother was there. She was beside herself. The groom called the bride spoiled (again, over the aisle so it wasn’t really about the aisle) and she took the ring off and threw it so hard and fast that I am surprised she didn’t hurt him. She got up and said it’s over. Walked out.  I had to go after her, calm her down then go talk to the groom. I had to (on the spot) pull paperwork for them to sign (since they had signed the original contract together) to go forward and start undoing everything. It was a toxic relationship from the beginning and it was very sad that they went as far into the planning as they did. They fought over every wedding detail too. If she wanted white cake, he wanted chocolate. If she wanted a ballroom, he wanted a barn. It was very strange to have a groom that was so set on what HE WANTED for HIS wedding. Most couples refer to it as “our” wedding.
  • I had an officiate who was a naturopath and kept encouraging everyone to be calm and zen like throughout the day. About 40 minutes into the ceremony one of the bridal party members passed out. The formerly calm officiate freaked out and yelled “Is there a doctor in the house?” at which point 5 doctors rushed to the ceremony area. The groom and many of the guests were doctors. The poor guy who passed out was beyond embarrased and the it took awhile for the officiate to compose himself again.
  • I was doing a wedding in Mexico, in the middle of nowhere for a couple from LA. The venue manager is the guy who “gets you things”, since we are so far from civilization he had to make sure everything anyone could need was covered. I’m running around checking on everything and I see that some of the guests are running back and forth between the bathrooms quite a bit. My makeup artist who had traveled with me, came to the reception to help me with set up and clean up. She was sitting in a back area near the restrooms. She told me that the venue manager had provided the guests with cocaine!  At the same wedding, I also had seen these random ladies sitting near the restrooms. I thought they were the band members girlfriends. When my makeup artist had been talking with the venue manager to find out what was going on in the bathrooms, she also found out that these ladies weren’t girlfriends….they were hookers that he had on standby. The venue manager had to cover every guest need from cocaine to hookers!
  • Rule 1: Don’t touch the wedding planners boobs. We were finishing the ceremony set up. My bride’s twelve year old son who was autistic came up to me, and placed his hands on my boobs and started rubbing them while he asked me, “Miss Julie, when is the wedding going to start?”. I immediately grabbed his hands, removed them,  and looked around to see if anyone had seen this, and calmly told him when the wedding started. As the bride, her mom, and I came down the elevator I knew had to tell them what had happened, and all they said was, “Yeah, he does that a lot!”

Thank you to all the planners who have shared their hilarious stories with us this week!


Posted on March 21, 2017 .