Funny Wedding Stories from Real People

1) While I was getting ready, our impromptu flower girl, was standing in the back with me and it was VERY obvious how nervous/anxious I was.  She very seriously said "Crystal, are you nervous?" I of course said "Yes, very much so" and her response was "Oh, I've done this before.  Don't worry, it will be okay."  She was TOO cute

-When we were feeding each other the cake, I accidentally bit DH's thumb - we have some pretty hilarious pictures from that moment that I will have to share some time. 

-I hadn't eaten at all the day of the wedding so by the time it was over and we were heading out to Hot Springs we both realized we were completely starving.  Guess where we had dinner on our wedding night?  Burger King.  Yep, we're klassy like that.  We laughed for hours over that one.  DH did the whole redneck thing while we were in the drive-thru "Yeah, lets super-size it for the little lady, it's our weddin' day". 

-I had this bright idea of buying teal colored "wedding panties" to match my shoes.  Unfortunately, I completely disregarded the fact that my dress was WHITE.  Right as I was about to walk out of the house, Robbin said "Oh my...when you bend over I can totally see the color of your panties!"  Too late by then! 


2) Obviously don't have my own story yet, but have one from my MOH's mom's wedding.  I think I've mentioned it before, but I'll give a little background on my MOH MOH is 42 and mentally challenged (functions about 6-12 yrs old, depending on her mood, situation, etc) and is a beautiful woman, inside and out.  She had a very deadly form of cancer when she was 4 and was a patient at St. Jude's.  To this day, they still don't completely understand why she survived (and they're still running tests and research on her to help other kids).  The treatments left her with some brain damage, but God made up for it and gave her other talents (she does the absolutely most amazing counted cross-stitch work, among other things). 

So anyway - her mom was left a widow while my MOH was still undergoing treatment.  She met her now husband a couple years later and they decided to form their own little brady bunch when MOH was about 8 or 9.  She was the youngest and they had her be their flower girl.  They didn't really give her instructions, just told her to toss the flower petals.  Her mom said she & her dad her a bunch of roaring laughter so her dad stuck his head into the church and told her mom "your daughter is stealing the show" - she stuck her head out to see my MOH stopping at each row and taking a fist full of petals and throwing them down the aisle at all of the people.  They said it's the most priceless memory from their wedding...we're going to have her teach my flower girl what to do.


3) Oh story time huh..let's see there were a few gems.

First let's just put this out there I am a total dyslexic when it comes to right and left , yet days and even hours before the wedding I was giving my hubby a hard time saying how he needed to be sure to put the finger on my left hand and not to mess it up. So what happens ? *I* grab the wrong hand..He notices and teases me AT THE ALTAR NO LESS , lol and I just was too happy to care and just got the correct hand and we went on - but it was amusing none the less.

During the ceremony after the exhange of rings the minister performing our ceremony puts a hand on Chris's shoulder and just takes a deep breath and says "Few words of advice for you my friend.."Yes Dear" - learn those words fast and your life will be much easier" - We all cracked up laughing and it just really was funny.

Not sure if this part is "funny" - but after the reception dinner and everyone parted ways several of us went to a local casino - since we were married in Tahoe and Reno was just over the border - I spent the next hours in my wedding dress and it was amazing and I even got carded at the craps table because they thought I was underage..I am 32 so it made my night!

Posted on March 17, 2017 .