Day Before the Wedding Tips

Don’t Wash Your Hair

Surprise! You shouldn’t suds up your hair on your wedding day. “Let your hair’s natural oils work their magic―they’ll make it look shinier and healthier, and help keep whatever style you have in place longer,” says hair and makeup artist Ann Minahan, owner of Riah salon in NYC. “Shampoo and condition the night before, then just give it a rinse with water in the morning.” 





Use Product to Keep Flyaways at Bay

For banishing mid-reception flyaways and frizz, use a wax or pomade stick like Tigi Bedhead Wax Stick (, $15) to smooth strands back into place, says Lisa Leming, a bridal hair and makeup expert in Irvine, CA. “It’s heavy, so apply it to your fingers first and then run your fingers along the hair,” she says. And have lots of bobby pins handy to secure larger strands that have broken free.


Try Powder to Combat Grease

If your hair is prone to grease, stop it in its tracks with a tinted hair powder (Bumble and Bumble’s has five shades (, $34). “Sprinkle it lightly along the hairline and greasy areas, and it will absorb the oil,” says Minahan. Just don’t overdo it, or you’ll lose the shine.


Revive Flat Hair with a Good Shake

Hair that’s worn down runs the risk of falling flat. To revive it, “Slip off to the ladies’ room and flip your head forward, spray it with a shot of hairspray, and shake your hands through it to add volume,” says Leming.


Wear Sunscreen Under Your Makeup

Many ceremonies and photo sessions take place in bright sunlight, and if you skip the SPF, you could transform into a lobster as the night wears on. “Once you’re burnt, it’s really hard to make your makeup look right,” says Ashlee Barnes, a makeup artist in Los Angeles. (Her favorite? Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunblock in SPF 55,, $9.)


Fix Eyelash Clumps with a Comb

Emotions run high―and waterworks can wreak havoc on even the best waterproof eye makeup. “Tears have saline in them, so when they hit the lashes, mascara will start to clump,” says celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip. “Bring along an eyelash comb to declump them and a cotton swab with a bit of moisturizer on the tip to run under the eyes and remove any smeared makeup.” The finishing touch? “Use eye-drops so that your eyes look bright and white in all the pictures,” says Barnes.


Posted on March 15, 2017 .