55 Years of Marriage

True love is hard to find but this couple is a living example! Peter and Greet from the Netherlands have been married for 55 years and haven’t lost the butterflies. The couple originally met through Peter’s sister. Their first date took place at a fair where they went for a ride on a little train. Greet shares: “He sat down next to me and took my hand for the first time. That was such a special feeling and I fell in love right at that moment.”

This special couple has kept their love alive and still celebrates Valentine’s Day. Here are their tips to stay in love:1. Give each other space to each live your own life;2. Make up when you’re upset and move on;3. Write little love notes as often as you can;4. If his/her cooking is bad, don’t run to someone else.

The love shoot with the couple took place in The Hague in The Netherlands. Peter and Greet enjoyed every moment and so did the crew. Photographer Nienke van Denderen shares: “They shared their love story and the whole crew was touched. Tears were rolling down our faces as they told us how much they love each other and how they keep their love so vibrant.” Don’t we all dream to have a love story like theirs for our own?


Posted on July 22, 2016 .