Laser Tag…Really, At a Weddding?!

Why Didn’t I think of that!:) Genius.

Sinatra wouldn't dance, don't ask him. And we know some of you feel the same way. We love us some reception dancing alternatives like lawn games, Dance Dance Revolution, scavenger hunts, tabletop games, and lip sync battles.

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Reader ChicagoGal gave us another rad dance alternative idea: a laser tag reception! If you've got a local laser tag joint that can accommodate your guest list size, you can book a few hours of non-dancing reception fun pew-pewing at each other or just watching the fun unfold. Let's see what she had to say about it:

My groom-to-be is hella introverted and dancing is not his thing. But we have a huge number of friends locally who'd want to celebrate.

I have proposed we have laser tag instead of a dancing reception! No one has to dress up. People's kids can come. And most importantly, it gives guests something to do that isn't dancing. Bonus: it can't be cancelled by poor weather because it's indoors.

The catch is just to make sure you communicate the details in your invitation and/or on your wedding website to make sure guests dress accordingly and know the details. Here's some suggested wording for your website:

After the ceremony, we'll be heading to [venue] for some laser tag fun and food. Wear something comfortable if you plan to join in.

This suggests that they might want to bring an alternative to high heels AND that it's totally optional as some of your guests may just want to mingle while the lasers are flying.



Posted on May 5, 2016 .