Bro-Dal Showers Aren't Really a Thing, but You Can Have One If You Want to, We Guess

The term "bro-dal shower" is getting a lot of buzz right now. If you aren't familiar with the phrase, it's pretty easy to deduce: A bridal shower for "bros." To be clear, this isn't the same as a couples' shower (termed Jack and Jill showers by some), or a shower for two grooms. It's just another chance to celebrate (with gifts) before the wedding.


So, what exactly is a Bro-Dal Shower?

It's a prewedding party for guys, an opportunity to give gifts that will help with the household, and a nice chance for older friends and family members to impart guidance and bond with the groom before the wedding. Bro-dal showers can be themed, styled and a range of expenses, just like a bridal shower or couples' shower.


Should your groom have a bro-dal shower?

The better question is, does your groom want a bro-dal shower? Or, does someone want to throw your groom a bro-dal shower? If so, he should totally have one! Listen, we have nothing against the concept at all, we're just not sure it's really going to catch on. We're guessing that when it comes to prewedding parties, grooms are just a little more interested in the bachelor-type.

And, from the perspective of a guest, or someone in your wedding party, this is another party to attend and gift to give that isn't part of the traditional track of events. So it might not be greeted with the enthusiasm you're hoping for. Yes, it's a fun thing to say, but tacked on to the engagement party, the bachelor party, the rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower and any other events, it just kind of all adds up. If this is something people in your circle want to do though, you should go for it! Why miss a chance to celebrate when it is freely offered?

Around here, we love celebrations. And we definitely think there's still a place for showers in the world of prewedding parties, for couples and individuals. Bottom line: Have a shower if you want, bro!

Posted on March 20, 2016 .