For all the wedding inspiration that’s out there on the internet today, there’s no limit to the great ideas that you can get for your special day. However dear readers, have you noticed that lately it’s been hard to find truly unique ideas? “Will you be my bridesmaids” cards and signature cocktails are a dime a dozen online, but every once in a while we’ll stumble across amazing wedding ideas that have been thought up by inspired, quirky couples. Whenever this happens, I want to pump my fist in the air and jump up and down, shouting “YES! FINALLY! THAT IS SO COOL!” In fact, I did that for every single one of these awesome ideas that we found on the interwebs:

1. The big-ass DIY paper flower instead of a bouquet. Quirky, adorable, and it saves you all those dolla bills that you would otherwise have dropped on flowers that’d be gone in a week.

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Studio Castillero via Green Wedding Shoes

2. A confetti bar to let out your guests’ creative side, and give them a variety of paper goodies to shower you with. Mix, match, toss and enjoy!

toronto wedding videography

Brooklyn Bride

3. A wedding invite with song requests, so that you won’t have to give your DJ a list of songs that you hope your guests won’t hate. Plus, everyone can get their own little tune in there, from the kids to the grandparents. Genius!

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A Paper Proposal

4. The statement necklace to add that extra “je ne sais quois” to your wedding day look. I love this, because it opens up such a realm of possibility on how to really stand out and look unique on your wedding day. It’d be perfect for a bride that gets a plainer dress, but still wants to feel and look amazing.

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Christina Heaston Photography

5. Embroidery hoops for decor is unexpected, but so versatile (and cheap)! You can put whatever fabric you want in them, so that they’ll always match your wedding colors. And they’re so easy to put together, you could seriously do it in a day. How’s that for speedy, cheap and cute DIY?

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Grey Grey Designs

6. Silhouette banners can be used for decor or even your wedding’s seating chart. They add a super unique and vintage touch to your wedding – and we can’t say we’ve ever seen something like this done before!

7. Flip cup tournaments might not be a great fit for every wedding. BUT they are super fun, and if you’re down to party with your friends after the old folks head off for the night, this may be a great activity for the later hours of your special day.

toronto wedding videographer videography

The Collective Photographers via Green Wedding Shoes

So what do you think readers? Would you try one of these cool, inspirational ideas for your big day? Or do you have an awesome idea of your own that you want to share?

Bryan Aulick

Posted on March 19, 2016 .