Don’t Let Your Marriage Fizzle

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Knowing how to maintain the spark long after vows is the secret to a healthy marriage. Building a life together and maybe having a family is not a reason to let romance fizzle. Of course life can get in the way and factors may force romance to the back burner but it is never wise to allow that to go on too long. Keeping the romance alive may sound difficult for couples struggling with this issue but doing so is quite easy. You just have to be proactive in making your marriage more romantic.


1. Pay attention to your appearance

Those who are married tend to get very comfortable and stop putting as much effort into their physical appearance as they did before marriage. Although it is great to know that your spouse loves you no matter how you look, we are all physical creatures. In order to turn up the romance a few notches take the extra time to look good for your partner. Not only does putting extra care in your appearance boost sexual attraction but it shows your spouse that you care.

2. Express your love

The key to romance after marriage is expressing love on a regular basis. Instead of the usual, “I love you”, express your love even further! Let your spouse know how glad you are to be married to him/her, use gentle touch to express love, kiss more often (not just a peck) and hold hands just because. Doing so encourages closeness as well as romance.

3. Set aside some alone time

Busy careers, kids and other factors prevent married couples from spending as much time together as they should. Because of this, you have to make the effort to get that alone time. Plan a date night, take a walk together after dinner, meet up in the afternoon for lunch or get up early on a Saturday morning and enjoy a private breakfast in bed. Put in the extra effort and make the most out of your one on one time.

Posted on March 14, 2016 .