Top 10 Summer Activities For Couples

1. A Day at the Beach

A day at the beach may seem like an obvious pick for this list, but how often do you actually pack up your beach bag and enjoy a beach day alone with your man? Life’s busy, but this is one simple pleasure that can rejuvenate a tired soul and heat things up for a couple. Pack some bevvies and snacks, throw on a swimsuit and leave those inhibitions at home so you can enjoy a frolic on the sand and in the water with your favorite guy.


2. Impromptu Road Trip

Forget planning and instead pick a destination on a whim, hop into the car and drive to explore a new place for a day. A little adventure like this is a bonding experience and an exciting way for a couple to connect.


3. A Drive-In Movie

This old-school activity is going the way of the dinosaur, so it’s best to share it with your mate before all the drive-in theaters are gone. Enjoy a summer night cuddling in the car. It doesn’t even matter what’s playing since chances are you’ll miss most of the movie anyway! *wink*


4. Shakespeare in the Park

Just about every city or town offers up some sort of open-air play in the summer. There are few things more romantic than sitting under the stars on a blanket on a warm summer’s night enjoying a live play together.


5. Plane Spotting

Don’t underestimate the thrill of sitting on the hood of your car as planes zip right over your head! Grab some coffees (or milkshakes since it is summer after all) and drive to an empty lot as close to the airport runways as you can get without getting arrested. Lay a blanket on the hood of your car, lean back, and prepare to be blown away—literally if you get too close to the jet blast!

6. Carnivals and Street Fairs


The smell of cotton candy, impossible-to-win games, and the sounds of the midway are all things that we have memories of from childhood. Find a local carnival or street fair and enjoy the nostalgia together. They really are just as much for when you’re all grown up and even more with someone special to enjoy them with!


7. Host a BBQ

Host a BBQ for your friends and his. Plan it together and enjoy a fun evening with people that you both enjoy. Bonding with each other’s friends can help bring you closer as a couple as well as create a close-knit group of mutual friends.


8. Camping

From old-fashioned camping in a tent on a campsite to renting out a luxe tent for glamping; camping is a fun couple activity whether you’re outdoorsy or not.


9. A Game of Frisbee

A $5 Frisbee and a walk to a local park is all you need to enjoy this summer pastime that’s stood the test of time. It’s so retro and oh so fun! It also gets the heart racing which is great for your health and your relationship!


10. Go for Ice Cream

It isn’t just about the ice cream, but about the time spent enjoying each other’s company over this sweet treat on a hot summer’s day. Run to the ice cream truck for a cone to enjoy on the porch or curb, or take a stroll as you chat over some soft serve from an ice cream stand. It’s all good.


We all love some fun in the sun and what better way to get out and enjoy the summer than with activities that are perfect for two? We’ve rounded up 10 activities worth trying before Labor Day rolls around, so grab your special guy and see how many you can get in before summer’s gone, which we all know happens way too soon.


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Posted on March 14, 2016 .