Personalize your Wedding Cake

1. Cake Toppers

Sometimes they are perceived as rather old-fashioned and boring, but lately cake toppers are available in innovative forms. Contemporary cake toppers look gorgeous on any kind of wedding cake, adding elegance. From names written in a romantic font to initialing, there are countless designs to crown your wedding cake.

2. Monograms

Putting edible monograms on your wedding cake is another personalization option. There are many ways of doing this such as hand painting or piping edible monograms with a beautiful border on the top or the side of the cake. It’s a chic, timeless way to personalize your cake.

3. Flowers

Frequently we use fresh flowers to match your cake to the entire wedding floral arrangement, including your bouquet. If you are not keen on having fresh flowers on your cake, we handcraft sugar flowers in the form of your floral arrangements and decorate your wedding cake with these. The best thing about using personalized sugar flowers is that you can keep these unique pieces forever, providing you with a lasting memory of your wedding day.

4. Colors

You can personalize your cake by decorating it in your favorite color or your wedding day’s color palette. Although white and cream colored cakes are the most popular (a timeless style), we absolutely love to color our wedding cakes! It’s a significant trend that we are seeing this season, so go for it!

5. Brooches and Other Special Jewelry

Some of our customers love to add a very personal touch to their wedding cake by using an old brooch or symbolic heirloom. They like them to be a part of their special day, so in these cases, we create an edible version of the brooch as part of the wedding cake.

6. Favorite Sweets or Fruits

Wedding cakes used to be more traditional, but nowadays they can be a more casual affair. So if your favorite pastry is doughnuts, brownies or cupcakes, include them on your wedding cake table! You can either create a combination of all of your beloved pastries or go for a super modern doughnut or brownie tower, decorated with fresh fruits, sweets or even dripping chocolate! Yummy, beautiful and fun for sure!

7. Paintings

Another pretty way to personalize your wedding cake is by having hand painted elements such as patterns or ornaments taken from your invitation, or your names, painted directly on your cake. You can also have your entire cake hand painted in the colors and patterns of your choosing. It almost becomes an edible painting.

8. Hand Piped Embroidery

One of my favorite ways to put a personal touch on your wedding cake is to pipe the pattern of your wedding gown onto the cake itself. This can be lace pattern, pearls, etc. This way you’ll have a cake that perfectly matches your dress!

Posted on March 11, 2016 .