Crazy and Strange Wedding World Records

Biggest Wedding Cake Ever

The towering wedding cake for Don Corleone's daughter in The Godfather has nothing on the confection baked by a team of 58 chefs at Connecticut casino Mohegan Sun in 2004. The seven-tiered cake weighed more than 15,000 pounds (with nearly 5,000 pounds of frosting!) and required some cooking tools not found in most kitchens -- it took two forklifts to raise each tier.
Our take: The vanilla and almond frosting sounds delicious, but these days, bigger wedding cakes aren't always better. Cupcake stands in lieu of a wedding cake have been popular for a few years, and the hottest trend in wedding cakes right now is serving small, two-tiered cakes that double as centerpieces on each table.

Most Expensive Wedding

Though a billionaire Indian steel baron threw a $60 million wedding for his daughter in 2004, factor in inflation and the most expensive wedding was a seven-day affair for Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, and his bride, Princess Salama. The 1981 wedding, which would cost $100 million today, included a stadium big enough for 20,000 wedding guests built especially for the celebration.
Our take: Every couple that struggles to stick to their wedding budget can learn a valuable lesson here: The bigger the guest list, the bigger the bill. Invite 20,000 of your nearest and dearest, and a price tag in the millions is understandable. If you're looking for ways to save, though, start by cutting your guest list.

Longest Wedding Dress Train

Here's a real nightmare for the bride who worries about tripping on her train during her walk down the aisle: The longest wedding train ever was 4,468 feet long, made by a bridal salon in Cyprus.
Our take: Your wedding dress is once-in-a-lifetime attire, and eye-catching details are great for the bride who relishes being in the spotlight. But it could take hundreds of bridesmaids to manage nearly a mile of fabric. Consider less hazardous add-ons, like silk flowers, lace cutouts, or intricate beading.

Oldest Bride

The oldest women to say "I do" was Minnie Munro, who was 102 years old when she married a man nearly 20 years her junior.
Our take: Amazing story, and totally in line with a trends we've seen for a while now, couples are waiting until they're a little older to get married, especially if they're paying for their own wedding.

Oldest Bridesmaid

Next time you hear someone complain about being too old to be a bridesmaid, think about Edith Gulliford of the UK, who was a bridesmaid at the age of 105.
Our take: Your bridesmaids should be the friends and family members closest to you. If one of those people happens to be a centegenarian, all the better!

The Longest Engagement Ever

Octavio Guillen and Adriana Martinez from Mexico certainly didn't rush down the aisle. The pair married when they were both 82 years old, 67 years after getting engaged.
Our take: An extended engagement certainly has its benefits -- some of the best wedding vendors book more than a year in advance, so you'd have lots of time to plan ahead. But when an engagement turns from years to decades, it's worth having a discussion about potential commitment issues.

Biggest Dog Wedding

Residents of Littleton, Colorado, witnessed something in May 2007 that's never been seen before or since: the union of 178 canine couples.
Our take: We love the idea of including a pet in your wedding, but hundreds of dogs make for pretty substantial postwedding cleanup. Stick to training your dog to walk your rings down the aisle.

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Posted on March 1, 2016 .