Done & Same Day Edits Now Available by LithiumCinema

Same Day Edits (sde)

LithiumCinema offers a same day edit (SDE) as an optional addition to all packages. SDE's can be accomplished in one of two ways:

  1. Our team can edit a short 3-5 minute video before your reception. We would need at least 2-3 hours devoted to the SDE.


  1.  If there is not enough time for our team to stop working and edit, we have the ability to bring a talented team of SDE editors that we trust and often work with. They will shadow us as we shoot throughout the day and immediately begin to edit the footage at a predetermined safe room. a quiet room with a table and power outlet within the venue is preferred. 

Same Day Edit pricing starts at $500 which includes a 3rd editor who will accompany the production team on the day of the wedding. The final product will be a 3-5 minute recap of all events leading up to the time editing begins.   

A DVD or Digital File on a USB key of the same day edit will be produced and can be played on a projector at the wedding reception. It is the responsibility of the DJ or venue to facilitate the presentation of the same day edit via computer and projector.

Drone (remote areal video)

LithiumCinema is determined to keep our product at the cutting edge of any new video related technologies. We offer spectacularly beautiful drone video to make your wedding footage look like a cinematic hollywood production. Contact us for for more information and rates for drone video. (starting at $500)

Posted on September 17, 2015 .