Trash the Dress, NOOOOO!

Most people have never heard of the dreaded Trash the Dress, (TTD) for short. I don't blame them since the words mud, fire or water don't tent to be contextually related to a cherished and costly wedding dress.

Some brides find that a wedding dress is useless after the day, others consider it a reminder of their special day making it something to be preserved. 

All of our wedding packages include a FREE TTD video if you can muster the nerve to jump into a pile of mud for your video. Ive even seem brides torch their dress at night as if it were some sort of very expensive fireworks display.

On our home page you can get a sneak peek at a much more subdued trash the dress without actually trashing it.It turned out quite surreal and beautiful so I urge brides to give it a shot, it makes a great final video to wrap up your wedding video DVD. 



Posted on June 13, 2014 .