Wedding Engagement Videos

Engagement video are always a great piece of intertwinement for your guys while your reception to start.

It can also be effective for a display during the entrance if can timed properly by your DJ.

Tips for a Fantastic Engagement Shoot

1) Schedule as much time as possible for a shoot. Depending on the activities we deice to shoot, it may take the better portion of the day. It may seem song, but its del worth it. 

2) Chose activities that reflect your individuality as a couple, make the video as person as possible. I can choose the content for your video but it will mean a lot more to you if take a bit of time to make the video, "your own". 

3) This can be anything from bowling on the weekends to skydiving, (and yes, I've gone skydiving for an engagement video.) It made this couples video like no other, and was received with a standing ovation at their reception.

4) The more involved in the idea process, the better your video will turn out. 

Posted on June 12, 2014 .