Find A Good Wedding Photographer in Toronto

We live in a exponentially expanding digital age where it seems like everybody from your 85 year old grandmother, to the avid 20 something Instagram addict calls themselves a "photographer".

Although there are many pseudo photographers glued to their iPhones, there are also spectacularly talented individuals who have spent years honing their craft. Ironically, the low cost of professional photography gear has not only spawned the worst but also a whole new generation of true photographic artists.

Unfortunately the talented seem to be drowned out by the weekend shooters with overinflated egos fueled by delusions of photographic genius. This relatively new phenomenon has seemed to have created a divide between the professionals and the, "Hey I just bought a pro camera, I guess that means I can shoot like one, and start a photo studio" guy.

When searching the internet for a Toronto photographer or even videographer, you will be flooded will thousands upon thousand of mediocre work that at best, deserves a to be tucked away into a dusty family album, never to be seen again. 

The explosion of so called photographers on the market has not only financially hurt the talented making them ever more difficult to find online, but destroyed the photographic moments of arguable one of the most impotent and memorable days of these peoples lives.

Even if you're  lucky enough to find such a talented individual, its possible your wedding date will already be booked. Clients beware, not all photographers are made equal, do your homework and find a "real" professional photographer. 

Posted on May 14, 2014 .