Raw Footage (A Must)

Some videographers and photographers provide you with their raw video footage or pictures on a hard drive. This is sometimes provided free or at a cost, but whatever the case, always get your raw material. ALWAYS!

DVDs don’t last forever, they will eventually wear out and can do so very quickly depending on the quality of the disk your videographer used. DVDs are also not indestructible, and as most people have already had the disaterous experience of finding out for themselves, scratch VERY easy. One scratch is all it takes for thousands of dollars of your investment to disappear.

Wedding albums also don’t last forever, and unlike your cat, don’t always find their way home when lost.

With the explosion of online media storage you can store those precious digital files on a hard drive and even better, online. Once your content is online you will never have to worry about loosing your photography or videography investment.