Wedding Video Music


Songs for your wedding film

As a videographer for over 7 years i can't stress how important music, and how prominently it can effect the quality and emotion impact of your entire wedding video. 

When is comes time to choose songs for your video, it should be known that there are common misunderstandings in the way music is utilized in wedding videos. I will try to explain some of these misconceptions to help you understand why editors and videographers sometimes cringe at certain categories of music. 

Why some songs work and why others don't

Music and visuals (video) are usually fused for one purpose, to enhance the emotion of the visuals. This is exactly what music is used for by editors in wedding videos. The symbiotic nature between music and video can't be overstated. 

Matching music and the visual element is more difficult that it looks. Different types of visuals, wether they be, energetic, softer paced or more sensual in nature, require different styles of music to enhance and mach the visuals. The style of editing also has to be considered in choosing music. Will the cuts come slowly and be far between, or are you editing a quickly paced dance sequence that requires a matching soundtrack?

The problem is that most clients like to pick music they either like or are fans of, or music they think tells the story, e.g. a love song, (something by Shania Twain or Saline Dione). People don't understand that music is not there to tell the story, the visual should already accomplish this. The songs purpose is only to enhance the mood and give the editor a map to follow, no matter what the lyrics or subject matter of the music. 

When it comes to classic love songs, which are the most requested for, often cause several major problems in editing, emotional, and the perception it inherently gives your video. First off,  when editing with music, you're looking for an ebb and flow within a piece. When I say ebb and flow I can a song that doesn't stick with the same tempo and intensity. Songs that vary from intense to soft and speed up to slow down make for a much more dynamic edit. This dynamic nature comes from the fact that the editor can more easily match his editing to these changes in the songs overall flow.

This is turn gives the impression that the song was specially composed for the video being edited. This is the editors ultimate goal, but without the right song, it can be nearly impossible.    

The exception

There are some couples who may identify with a particular song or songs with their relationship. These songs are most often used for first dances but the client may also want a song to be used in another part of their video due to the personal and sentimental value it has to them. It this case, it is the editors job to simply make it work with the song choices they are given. 

Every videographer needs to remember that they are making a wedding film that will ultimately belong to somebody else, the client. If you choose to shoot their wedding the choices they make regarding music or anything else should always trump yours. 

Posted on May 14, 2014 .