Tips for Wedding Video Clients

Light & Image

Light can be looked at as the lifeblood or soul of video or photograph. Great lighting enters a lens and creates an images in a camera's sensor that can be magically beautiful beyond belief. Of course, the opposite is true with bad light, no matter how fancy or expensive the camera.

What you can do about it - Light when Getting Ready

When we begin our day of shooing at at the bride and grooms home lighting is most often our biggest enemy. 

Most often brides don't put much thought into where they will be getting ready, (make-up, hair, putting on wedding dress). As videographers we love light, and especially natural light. If at all possible brides should be doing her morning prep near a window or somewhere with ample natural light. Space is also very important. We need room to move 360 degrees around the bride to increase are dynamic shooting. This much space may not be possible but a cramped dark bathroom would be a nightmare for any videographer or photographer. 

What you can do about it - Light at your Reception Hall

Hall lighting is often dark to promote a more imitate mood which is not ideal for video. That doesn't mean we need the hall lights at 100% i order to shoot but there are a free things that can be considered to deal with the dim lighting issue. 

Spotlights for first dances and parents dances are a fantastic way to light up a specific area without disrupting the overall hall's mood. Of course not everybody can afford all of the bells and whistles for their wedding but a simple spotlight will not only enhance the event for your guests but will enhance your photos and video of which you have invested thousands in. A second similar option to consider for better photo's and video's would be dance lighting. Lighting provided from either the hall or DJ.

If you can afford it, its worth it for the guests experience and the enhancement/quality of your photography and videography.


Posted on May 15, 2014 .