Wedding Films (cinematic) Vs Wedding Video (Documentary Method)

There are two major categories of weddings videos. Cinematic style shooting sometimes refereed to wedding films, and the more outdated documentary style. 

With the availability of relativity inexpensive cinema style cameras, which are even sometimes used to shoot feature films, (Drive 2011) clients are opting for a more modern, contemporary shoot and edit of their video.  

Music is a very important tool in cinema wedding videos to set a particular mood The music alone can even dictates the shooting and editing style. CLIENTS BEWARE, picking music can make or break your wedding video, always take your videographers advice if he recommends you don't use a particular song you've chosen. 

sometimes, parts of the video are cut out of chronological order to enhance the emotion intensity of a scene or to cut better with the ebb and flow of the music being used. 

Posted on May 13, 2014 .