Common Wedding Don't Do's!


Picking a dress or wedding venue prior to establishing financial parameters is a lot like shopping without glancing at price tags and then strolling up to check out with your fingers crossed. You risk falling for a gown or location that breaks your heart when you realize that to afford it, you'd have to cut your guest list in half—or cancel the honeymoon. "The three initial hurdles are budget, guest list, and venue, and they should be tackled in that order," says planner Lynn Easton of Easton Events in South Carolina and Virginia. "Your budget defines your options and drives your decisions." While drawing one up, "include charges for overtime, gratuities, and car services from the start," advises New York City planner Marcy Blum. "By doing so, you avoid throwing money at things you weren’t prepared for."


If yours is an outdoor event, rain on your wedding day isn't just ironic, it's a game-changer. Too many people are tempted to just hope it won’t happen, which is the planning equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling, "I can't hear you, Rain!" Bicoastal planner Lyndsey Hamilton of Lyndsey Hamilton Events says, "People don't want to put the deposits down for tents, umbrellas, and golf carts they might not need—you pay 50 percent and lose it if you don't use them. But if you don't book them early on and are marrying during peak wedding season, tents might not be available when the weather starts to look iffy." Meet with the tent company six to nine months ahead and think of the deposits as an investment in your peace of mind. "We believe that if you have a good Plan B, it won't rain, but if you haven't considered 'what if,' it will undoubtedly pour," says contributing editor David Stark of David Stark Design and Production in New York City.


Just because the setting may be breezy doesn't mean the planning is going to be easy. "With alfresco affairs, people think we're just putting a tent in a field, and it’s going to be beautiful," says Hamilton. "They don't realize all the logistics necessary for a tented event to go off without a hitch." Bear in mind you'll need to rent bathrooms, kitchen facilities, lighting, fans or heaters, and generators.


It's the event of your lifetime, but it shouldn't feel like it lasted a lifetime. "It's tempting to get so excited that you map out a marathon celebration, with pre-vow drinks, a lengthy ceremony, another cocktail hour, a multi-course dinner, three hours of dancing, an after-party, and more," says planner Calder Clark, owner of Calder Clark in Charleston, South Carolina. "But industry insiders agree that a five-hour reception is the tip-top of what people can enjoy and still exit laughing. The evening should have a natural end." It should also have a comfortable beginning: Be sure to supply chairs so attendees can sit for the vows (a five-minute ceremony becomes a painful 20-minute wait if you run late).


You want your wedding to feel chic and elegant, not "crowded elevator." "Being cramped makes meal service and dancing difficult, and it really inhibits the guest experience," says Hamilton. Ask your venue how many attendees can comfortably fit, then reduce that by 10 percent, she suggests: "You don't want to get to the max of what your site can accommodate."


No one likes feeling confused, and your guests won't know the wedding locale the way you do. Offer suggestions of things to do and information on getting around, "and if you're having a destination event or weekend-long celebration, hand out itineraries telling everyone where they need to be and when," says Hamilton. "That way, the buses won't be late to the vows because no one knew when or where they needed to be picked up." Speaking of buses, give the drivers their fair share of need-to-know info too. "I can't tell you how many times I've told a transportation company what the address is, and they still get lost," adds Hamilton. "Now we print out directions describing exactly the way we want them to go so we can estimate how long it will take to move guests from place to place."


Heartfelt toasts can be the highlight of a reception, but too many can quickly lead to wide-spread boredom. "Oftentimes, speakers intend to speak only for a few moments, but once onstage their speeches can last quite a while. We're looking at you, fathers of the bride," says Robin Baab of GATHER Events in Los Angeles. She recommends keeping control of your event by limiting toasts to the host, maid of honor, and best man, staggering toasts throughout dinner, and having a quick chat with your DJ or band leader to avoid any surprises.


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2017 Wedding Trends Toronto

Hot Wedding Trends for 2017

From dangling décor to portrait booths and gifting lounges, here are the trends we’ve spotted for the year ahead.

Trends are getting bigger and badder than ever before (in the best way possible!). Some are totally over the top and others are just perfect for adding a personal touch to your celebration. When it comes to couples who are ballin’ on a budget, you may be thinking some of these are out of your financial comfort zone but there are infinite ways to pull inspiration from this year’s trend report and spin it to match your celebration style (and wallet). You have our full permission to steal these ideas for your wedding day.

Unique Invitations



Get your guests excited to celebrate from the very beginning—today’s wedding correspondence really stands out. Plexiglas invites, foil stamping and glow-in-the-dark ink are a few of the stationery trends catching our eye for 2017. Bespoke illustrations and bold envelopes (think: shocking fuchsia with white ink) are other ways to get noticed.   

The Gift Lounge

This deconstructed welcome bag is perfect for destination weddings. Instead of stuffing and delivering a gift for your guests, let them do the work (they’ll be glad you did). Set up a room full of swag (snacks, drinks, local sweet treats) and guests can choose their favorite things. Best of all, you (or your family or wedding party) can greet guests in person when they arrive. If your friends and family are split between a couple of hotels, set up a table of goodies at the exit of your welcome party for a truly memorable party favor.

Asking for What You Really Want

toronto wedding videography videographer mississauga GTA ontario photo video toronto brampton

From cash to mountain bikes and even museum memberships, we love that couples can ask for just about anything under the sun these days—including nothing at all. Charity registries are on the rise along with experiences, like a pottery class or a private cocktail session with an expert mixologist. Don’t worry, you can still register for classic wedding gifts like fine china, upgraded cookware and that fancy espresso machine you’ve had your eye on for years. Or do both!

Metallic Dresses and Breezy Silhouettes

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Mississauga Venus you Should Take a Look at!

Mississauga Convention Centre


Your happily ever after begins with the perfect wedding venue! Boasting six grand and luxurious ballrooms, the Mississauga Convention Centre caters to your personal needs. Celebrate your wedding in reception rooms that showcase stately 18' high coffer ceilings and brilliant chandeliers.

We provide outstanding customer service, tailoring every detail of your wedding to create your dream day. From the moment you arrive until your last guest departs our amazing staff will ensure your expectations are surpassed.

LINK: Click Here



Oasis Convention centre


With more than 20,000 sq ft and soaring 13' ceilings, Oasis Convention Centre is a beautifully decorated event venue accommodating 100-700 guests comfortably. There are three unique ballrooms with individual bar areas, dance floors and room layouts. Oasis Convention Centre provides custom designed menus to suit a wide variety of cultures and events. 

Conveniently located on the border of Etobicoke and Mississauga, Oasis Convention Centre is minutes away from downtown Toronto, all major highways and public transportation.




Our Minor Hockey Club have been coming to the Oasis for approximately 15 years now. In the Fall, we host our parents, team staff and club executives at our annual Halloween Dinner, Silent Auction and Dance. We usually exceed 200 guests on these occasions. In the Spring we host 300+ players, parents and family to our annual Year End Banquet.

Everyone involved with the Oasis, from Joe, Bert and Doreen to the food and beverage staff and the waiters and waitresses, have been exceptional in their attention to detail and first class service. The wait staff are always outgoing, extremely helpful and very courteous. We know most of them by name. The food is great and always well prepared.  

We enjoy our events at the Oasis and give them a 10 out of 10 when it


The Waterside Inn


Overlooking the tranquil Port Credit lakefront in Mississauga, The Waterside Inn, a luxury boutique hotel, offers a sophisticated blend of elegance & hospitality with 94 well appointed suites and a beautiful ballroom which is elegantly decorated with three antique crystal chandeliers and a walkout terrace. The ballroom can accommodate up to a maximum of 250 guests for dinner and dancing, or can be broken down into three smaller sections to accommodate smaller group sizes. All tables are set with white linens, white china and sparkling votive candles. If you require assistance in securing an officiant, florist, decor company, photographer, DJ, limo, etc., we will be happy to refer you to our preferred vendors. 

The Waterside Inn would be honoured to be a part of your big day!


Anon Review: 

Had my fall wedding reception and ceremony at this venue and so glad I did! The staff are extremely pleasant and reliable. Drinks were flowing, my guests couldn't stop raving about the food! The flow of the day was perfect! The venue itself is stunning and doesn't need a whole lot of decor and this place really has its own charm. Marlene was fantastic and brought my vision to life while answering hundreds of emails. The staff working that night truly cared about Making sure we all had a great time. The suites were gorgeous and accommodated my guests in the best way possible. Thank you so much for taking care of my special day I absolutely recommend this venue for these events!




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Getting Your Own Succulent Wedding Bouquet

There’s a new trend in town, and it’s taking over the traditional floral decor at weddings. Succulents with their thick, fleshy petals have recently been taking the wedding world by storm lately. Brides love them for their versatility and how easy they are to care for. Succulents can live out of water for weeks meaning they not only last longer than traditional flowers, but they can even be put together in bouquets weeks ahead of the wedding. The best part about them just might be they can be replanted after the wedding as a forever favor for guests and a keepsake from the big day!

Here’s a few guidelines for using succulents in your bouquets, whether they’re part of a mixed arrangement or standing all on their own.

The most common types of succulents used in wedding decor are Sedum, Pachyveria. and Echeveria. If it sounds Greek to you, that’s okay! Here is a quick breakdown.

There are about 600 different types of Sedum succulents which usually have about five petals. The different species offer a full rainbow of colors to meet with any wedding color scheme. For example, the Purple Emperor has dark purple foliage with batches of pink flowers, the Cauticola has grayish green leaves with clusters of purple flowers, and the Frosty Morn has beautiful foliage with bright pink flowers. And these are just three of the many different varieties!

The Pachyveria succulents have chunky, colorful petals and rosettes. Echeveria is popular for it’s wide lavender leaves with pink edges.

Succulents are able to hold water meaning they stay fresh much longer than everyday bouquets. They are not only popular for their staying power, but offer a colorful, bright look in a wedding bouquet.

Make Your Own Bouquet

It’s not difficult to make your own bouquet of succulents, and you can always get a florist to help you if needed. First, you obviously want to choose the varieties of plants you’d like to use. You’ll need to cut away the roots and any dead foliage before you can secure them in a bouquet. Don’t worry, your succulents can still grow again even after you discard the roots. Afterward, wash the stems and dry them before going to the next step.

You will need to put pre-cut wire into the base of each succulent. 20-gauge floral wire is the easiest to use. Choose a succulent to start with and put a piece through the bottom of the stem. You can reinforce the base by putting piece into a loop and placing it against the stem of the plant. Twist the wire and wrap it around the base of the stem, all the way down the initial piece of wire.

Next, get your floral tape and wrap it around the stem to camouflage the wire. Follow these same steps with all of the rosettes until you have the size of bouquet you want. If you plan to add other flowers, leave some space between your succulents to place them in. Play with other flowers to decide which kinds look best with your succulents, and then fill in all the extra space in the bouquet. Then, wrap the stems with floral tape. A simple trick to keeping the stems together is using a chopstick to strengthen the succulent stems.

Choose burlap, fabric, or ribbon to cover the floral tape and decorate the bouquet. You can place as much or as little of the fabric as you want; most wrap the entire base for a decorative look. Secure this with floral pins. If you choose to make full succulent bouquets before the wedding date, do not refrigerate them as this will damage the petals. A mixed bouquet will have to be made closer to your ceremony to keep the more delicate flowers healthy as well.

Popular Combinations of Succulents and Blossoms

Succulents work perfectly as accents in a big floral bouquet full of different blooms. Mixing them with yellow orchids and white roses or hydrangeas creates a bright, light bouquet. You can mix some light succulents with bright pink peonies and white roses for a softer, elegant feel, or for a more natural, soft look, go for cream roses and baby’s breath. Black and white anemones create a formal feel when paired with succulents, and sunflowers will help your bouquet give off that very rustic charm. Play with different colors and use your favorites to mix and match until you have something you love.

Succulents have long lived in the shadows of traditional flowers as the go-to plant for weddings, but that’s starting to change. These plants are a great accent to any wedding, whether you choose to create a full succulent bouquet or whether you pair them with flowers. You don’t have to stop at bouquets either! Succulents make great wedding favors, centerpieces, and boutonnieres for your groomsmen. Have fun with the combinations and enjoy this new trend to the fullest.

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Funny Wedding Stories #4

1) I started planning for my wedding a few months ago, and of course the first interaction I had with any vendors I decided to contact was one of the weirdest experiences of my life. It gave me a really bad feeling about wedding planning at the time. Thankfully, after this happened, everything else has gone smoothly (so far). Here’s my story…

After finding our venue, the first vendor I started looking for was a photographer. I started doing some exploratory research on wedding photographers to figure out pricing. Most people I contacted just emailed me a PDF back with their pricing structures, add-ons, etc.

Well, I hear back from this one lady who says she doesn’t like sending pricing structures because she likes to customize her pricing to her specific clients and asks if I would be willing to meet. I found out she only lived 15 minutes away, so I agreed. (BIG MISTAKE.)</div>
<div> </div>
<div>I get to her apartment that she shares with her husband and her dog and it smells awful. It’s messy and has huge stains all over the carpet. She immediately starts complaining about a bride she just did a wedding for… which I found completely unprofessional. Then she sits me down in her kitchen area and corners me inSo, she starts talking about how she’s been doing wedding photography for more than 20 years. She starts asking about our timeline of the wedding. After I tell her our idea of what we want she says, “Good. I like to know when dinner is because you know, you have to feed me.” AND THEN she says, “oh, and I’m vegetarian, gluten-free, and I don’t eat soy so you need to have something on your menu that accommodates that.” Then she goes on to say, “and you know how photographers have assistants? Well, I usually bring my husband along as my assistant so you will have to feed him too.” But she doesn’t stop there. “My husband and I like to dance a song or two together.” (Um, how about I pay you to take pictures and not have a date night with your husband at my wedding?) Then she starts asking about the colors of the wedding. I tell her we haven’t decided for sure but are thinking of navy and a light, blush pink color. “Oh. I HATE pink.” (Good thing it’s not your wedding, lady.) So now she asks me if I will be wanting one or two photographers. I tell her probably only one but that I would be open to two depending on the cost. She says, “my husband can be your second photographer for an extra price!” (I forget what the extra price was, but it was a lot.) So I say, “Oh, your husband is a photographer too?” And she says, “no, but he’s pretty good about knowing when to press the button if you put the camera on a tripod.” (OMG. WTF, NO. I’M NOT PAYING FOR THAT.) So then she takes out two small “portfolios” of pictures. Really, they were just two very tiny photo albums. This didn’t seem like much to show since she had told me she had been doing wedding photography for more than 20 years. The pictures were awful. Anyone I would be inviting to my wedding could do better with their cellphone. But here’s the real kicker… I get to a picture with a poem written over the bride’s wedding dress in a bright red, Comic Sans font. I pause on it for a minute trying to figure out what it was and she chimes in, “OH! With every photo package I offer, I take time during the reception to sit down and write you a personalized poem and then I type it over one of your pictures!” (1. I am just looking for a photographer here. I am not looking to pay someone to not take pictures during the reception because they are writing me a poem that I wasn’t looking for in the first place. 2. Okay, it’s a nice thought and maybe that could be a nice touch if it was written in a nice script font or something… but BRIGHT RED, Comic Sans??? And btw, there was no red in the picture to even match it. 3. I want people to see my dress in my wedding pictures and I don’t want it covered by some random poem.) Anyway, this meeting that I thought would take maybe 30 minutes turned into 2 hours! I kept trying to leave but was blocked in. When I finally got into my car, I immediately called my MOH with the story. She couldn’t believe it. I get home and my fiance had returned from work while I was gone. He asked where I was and I just couldn’t stop laughing about the whole incident. I still find it a bit crazy.

3) We went to see a venue that looked absolutely beautiful – we met with the lady who ran the place on her property – and she kept talking about all the money they had put into the place and that’s why the price was so high. She mentioned a bride had wanted to sell liquor at her wedding and so an inspector came out for the liquor license (she said she prefers clients to have an open bar),  when the inspector came out – things weren’t up to code, so they got shut down and all the problems they ran into while getting it up to code  she had weddings booked, but had to call the bride to tell them this, 2 weeks before hand … . It was terrible by the sound of it.  Fiance and I tried to leave multiple times.. but she just kept going on and on … the venue would be nice with some decore (and it is now up to code!) but she totally changed our opinion. She even mentioned sometimes they get noise complaints from the neighbours.  Too many red flags, and the cost was insane for just a barn with tables + chairs. Unprofessional – you don’t tell a possible future client the problems you’ve had. 

4)The only one I’ve encountered so far is one of the DJs I called. His pricing was cheap compared to some others in town, but figured I’d give it a shot to talk to them. When I called, he basicaly read all of the info that was on their website, including “We do an awesome extra for all couples of having a “Chicago Bulls Style” grand entrance” Um, sorry, but that is not unique, and not what I want. Anyways, he bragged about a few other “additional” things that he does that none of the other DJs do, and they were all very standard things (introducting the wedding party, getting a list of songs from you before hand, uplighting at an additional cost, etc). The kicker was when he told me something that really was unique about him apart from other DJs – he told me he does not support the downloading of illegal music, so, to show that he does not download illegally, he subscribes to a service that sends him 20 new CDs every month and he DJs the old school way, with a 5 disc CD changer….. Yeah, I’ll pay the extra couple hundred bucks.

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2018 Wedding Fashion Trends

10 Refreshing Wedding Trends Seen at Bridal Week Spring 2018

wedding video toronto

White. Off-White. Ivory. Cream. Champagne: Wedding dress shopping might feel like a chiffon blur of similar colours, but there's more than just the right colour when finding the perfect wedding dress. This season designers are reinterpreting bridal looks in new, vintage-inspired, and completely unexpected ways. Read on for our comprehensive guide to the latest wedding dress trends of 2018.



3D Florals on the Dress


Black Trim Dresses 



For the bride who's always cold, you might as well make your outerwear part of your wedding look. Opt for a crystal-encrusted option seen at Christian Siriano, or invest in a cape like the one shown at Vera Wang so you can wear it again. 






Extra Large Bows 


Non-Traditional Jewelry 



Veils are getting an update with ingenious styling tricks. Sachin & Babi showed two options: wrapped around the neck to double as jewelry, or worn across the shoulders like a modern shawl. Meanwhile Alyne took on the birdcage veil with a simple wrap across the face. 


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2017 Wedding Dress Styles

Bridal Fashion Week has come and gone, but the wedding dress trends seen coming down the runways will last, well not a lifetime, but close enough. Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses continued to reign supreme, and deep plunging v-necks were still the sexy talk of the town, but fall 2017 also saw some new wedding dress trends. Ruffles, feathers, and tiered skirts all made an appearance, and sleeves were also a major focus, with flutter sleeve styles and billowing bishop sleeves turning up in some of our favorite collections.

Spring 2017 wedding dresses officially ushered in the age of the off-the-shoulder, and for fall the trend is still going strong. This time shoulders were bared in lace and long sleeved styles, making the trend perfect for winter brides. From ballgowns to a-line silhouettes, modern column dresses and bohemian sheaths, every wedding dress style was seen with its off-the-shoulder version. Reem AcraSachin & BabiMarchesaMaggie Sottero, newcomer Rime ArodakySavannah Miller, and Vera Wang were among the many who were daring brides-to-be to bare their shoulders for the crisp fall of 2017.

We were excited to see cascading ruffles and fully tiered skirts emerge new wedding dress trends. At Sachin & Babi and Theia ruffles were given a romantic boho vibe — perfect to match with flowing beachy waves. Tiered skirts made a big splash in ballgowns at Carolina HerreraCarol HannahCasablancaRivini by Rita Vinieris, Vera Wang, and Isabelle Armstrong — to name just a few.

Feather accents adorned shoulders at Mira Zwillinger and Pronovias, capes at Monique Lhuillier, accessories at Alon Livné; White, wrist cuffs and necklines at Rvini by Rita Vinieris.

Fall 2017 is also time for brides to play with their accessories — big, bold earrings and hair accessories were all over the runways. Modern day tiaras fit for a princess were seen on Rime Arodaky and Alon Livné's runways. Florals for fall? Actually groundbreaking! Marchesa, Sachin & Babi, and Naeem Khan all had their brides in bold oversized floral earrings and hair pieces. Listen up brides-to-be, accessories are the big statement to make if you're walking down the aisle next year.

Another unexpected place to make a statement — your sleeves! Long sleeves will continue to trend (you can thank Kate Middleton for that!), but next year's sleeves have a little something extra. Riding the ready-to-wear popularity of bell sleeves, wedding dresses were given the same treatment with pouffy bishop sleeves coming down the runway at Isabella Armstrong and Alyne by Rita Vinieris and more.


Another beautiful bridal fashion week has come to an end, and that means it's time to look back on the latest wedding dress trends to make their way down the runway! Last season's romantic 3-D floral details were still in full bloom, while plunging necklines were seen in almost every collection (get ready to bare that décolletage 2017 brides!), and big bold florals embroidered otherwise sleek minimal looks.

We were treated to a sexier bridal fashion week this season, courtesy of a plenitude of majorly plunging necklines. Deep v-neck styles were seen at almost every presentation, from Marchesa, to Oscar de la RentaLela Rose, and more. One thing's for sure, designers are counting 2017 brides to make bold, skin baring choices, and the result is elegantly sexy perfect for modern brides looking to make a statement.

Get ready to bare those shoulders! The off-the-shoulder trend so ubiquitously seen on the ready-to-wear runways, finally trickled its way down to the bridal world. The trend was seeing in both minimal and ornate styles. J.Mendel kept it sleek in an a-line gown with a subtly shorter front hemline and bodice cutout, while Sachin & Babi made this trend ultra romantic by adorning off-the-shoulder cuffs with softly tied bows. The trend was also seen in shades of lace at Marchesa, Reem Acra, and Christos.

Toppers were also a big hit this season, making their mark in the form of capelets, bomber jackets (particularly gorgeous in fur detailing at Oscar de la Renta), boleros, and ponchos.

Oversized bows also grabbed our attention on the runways. Carolina Herrera, Sachin & Babi and Oscar de la Renta all accented their wedding dresses with oversize bows, be it as a show-stopping back or waist detail, a romantic addition to sleeves, or even attached to jewelry.

We love when brides take a bit of a chance with color, and this season it looks like wearing Pantone's colors of the year (Rose Quartz and Serenity) is the way to break with tradition. Rose colored dresses at Mira ZwillingerRomona KevezaNaeem Khan, and Hayley Paige gave a romantic vibe, while Monique Lhuillier, Angel Sanchez, J.Mendel, and Jenny Packham all bet on "something blue" for the bride's walk down the aisle.

Read on to see all of the latest wedding dress trends from the Spring 2017 bridal runways!

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More Funny Wedding Stories

We started dating in November of 1985. People in the church we attended felt we should be married, because my husband was called to preach and I am a piano player.  So, I’m not even sure about when he asked me; I can't remember if he ever did!

We were married on February 15th, 1986, at 7:00 P.M. Before the wedding started, we had tried our rings on that we had borrowed for the ceremony — they fit great! Everything was set for a perfect wedding evening. Well, it came time for the two flower girls and ring bearer to walk down the aisle. About halfway down the aisle, the ring bearer threw the pillow down and refused to pick it up! One of the flower girls picked the pillow up, chunked it at the ring bearer and said “CARRY THIS.” Well, that was just the start of an eventful night!

The ring bearer didn't want to stand, so he sat down on the step and put one of his pant legs inside his boot. He was stealing the show! When it came time for me to walk down the aisle, my Dad was so nervous, he was almost in a trot. When I would say “slow down,” he would almost make me trip over my dress. I was so relieved to finally get to the altar with my future husband! As the wedding progressed, the minister told us to repeat after him. I was nervous and said, “I thee Tonya take thee Danny to be my awfulwedded husband”.... I was so embarrassed at that point!

When it was time for the rings,  Danny was trying to put the ring on my finger and I guess I was so nervous that my finger swelled. Danny said, “Oh noooo!” The whole wedding party was about to lose it. Then I went to put the ring on his finger and his finger had swelled too, so I said, "Oh noooo! " as well — everyone was chuckling by that time!

As we left the church after the reception, we saw that they had decorated the car. They had put the words “JUST MARRED" on the back!

The night after we were married, my husband had been asked to preach at a neighboring church. I had only been his wife for 24 hours. The service went great! At the end of his sermon, he asked the congregation to bow their heads and said, “Would my wife come to the piano?” I bowed my head like everyone else and looked around (out of the corner of my eye) for his wife. A lady setting next to me said, "You’re his wife!" Oh yes...that was interesting.

I wouldn't trade these memories for anything. God has been good! You would think that a wedding that had so much excitement in it would seem fast, but that evening seemed like an eternity.  I cannot say our marriage has been perfect, but we celebrated 25 years last year and it has been worth the journey. Whether he asked me to marry him or not, I may not remember — but, I made a vow to this man and I would gladly do it again. He has been my best friend and will be—“until death do us part.”  — Tonya D.

You Take My Breath Away
When I was a young girl, my family went to a wedding at our church. There were three brothers and the groom, if I remember correctly. The brothers were holding lit candles during the vows, and they began fainting. Later, we learned that the lit candles were taking their oxygen, thus they fell down. It was funny, but because of the wedding no one was laughing, of course. Later the church banned having anyone hold lit candles. I am over 70 years old and haven't forgotten that wedding! I went to many wonderful weddings, but that tops them all. I have been married nearly 53 years now to my high-school sweetheart.  — Ann G.

Holy Rollers
We got married on December 28, 1962. All the participants were home for the holidays from college. I went to get my hair fixed that morning, and they put two beauticians on my head of hair. One was rolling one side one way and one the other (my hair was naturally curly). You can imagine how it came out!


We were getting married at my college church because my home pastor had passed away. It was 50 miles away. My mom was making my wedding cake, as well as sandwiches for us to eat after the rehearsal, which was right before the wedding. She forgot the sandwiches and had to run to a grocery store to buy all the "fixings." The best man, my hubby’s college roommate, didn't catch the right bus and was late for rehearsal, so we made him an usher and he was upset.

I think the wedding went off without a hitch, but afterward realized we had made no arrangements for pictures to be made. So one of my college friends ran to a store to buy some film. Almost everything that could go wrong did!  If we make it to Dec 28, 2012 we will have made it 50 years.  — Wanona S.

Catch Me If You Can
It was June, 1971, as my new bride and I left the chapel. Her brother and my cousin decided to chase us through the little East Texas town where we were married.  As I tried to lose them, a cop pulled us both over and gave us tickets.  Since I was not a local, they made us go the police station and pay the fine on the spot for both of us, which took just about all the cash I had.  And while my bride waited in the running car in 90 degree weather, the car overheated. We had to let the car cool off before adding coolant, which I did not have money for either.  After a couple of hours sitting in front the small town police station, we finally got out of town and on to the honeymoon. On top of that, our cousins wrote all over my car with white shoe polish and in the hot Texas sun, it burned into the paint job. We could read "Just Married" and assorted words and phrases until we sold the car two years later!  — John M.

Nailed It
I was coming down the aisle when my wedding gown got caught on a nail.  When I turned, my husband to be thought I changed my mind and was going to leave!   — Betty S.

Enjoy the Ride
This is my funny story from my youngest daughter's wedding:
It was an outdoor wedding on a beautiful summer day in the mountains.  My daughter wanted to have a white horse and buggy bring her down the hill to the guests and her groom, but we couldn't find one.  So, instead, she rented an "open wagon" pulled by a couple of horses, and we decorated it.  She and all the bridesmaids were in this very open wagon coming down a very bumpy hill.  :-)  As they began their descent, they had to hold on for dear life not to fall into the wagon bed!!  They were laughing all the way and the guests had no idea what was happening.   — Glenda D.

Send In the Clown
We had ordered tuxedos for the groomsmen about three months before the wedding. The morning of the wedding, all the guys were getting dressed, and my husband, the groom, came out looking like he had on clown pants! He first thought they had mixed up the sizes with the best man or someone else. No, out came the best man and the groomsman with theirs fitting perfectly. His mother said, “Well, maybe I can pin them.” He was not having that—he looked ridiculous! They had to drive 15 miles away, get the correct size and get back before the wedding, which at that point was only about one hour later. You guessed it—he was late. But at least his pants fit!   — Brenda S.


Long Train Running
When I was about 3 or 4 years old, my Aunt Jane and Uncle Bob Hubbard got married in 1941 in Jamestown, Pennsylvania.  My Aunt Jane told me I could be in the wedding and could help carry the train.  I was so excited, because I loved trains!  I was so disappointed when I realized Aunt Jane's “train” was anything but a "choo-choo"!

While walking along helping carry the train with my uncle's nephew, I needed to blow my nose. So I did — wiping my nose on the "train"!  That made for a longstanding wedding story in my family that has been told countless times down through the years.  I guess that was an embarrassing moment for my mother, who was her sister's matron of honor.  All of this didn't deter my aunt and uncle from having a long life together.  They have both gone on to glory now, as have my Mom and Dad, but the story lives on with my brothers and cousins to this day!  —Tom B.

Packing a Punch
This happened at my daughter and son-in-law's wedding on December 28, 1987.  We had frozen balls of the punch that we were serving at the reception in our church’s freezer.  As the friends who were working in the kitchen needed more punch, they mixed it up and were supposed to throw several punch balls into that.  Unbeknownst to us, someone in the congregation had put whole onions in the freezer in the same kind of baggies.  So as our friends started throwing the "punch balls" into the punch bowl, they started screaming and carrying on.  Floating on top of the punch were these big onion balls!!!  It made for an extremely funny and embarrassing time for the punch ladies! We just fished the onion balls out and served the punch as is!   We still get a lot of enjoyment from that one. — Lyn R. 

Windy Forecast
I attended a wedding where the candle lighters could not get the candles to stay lit because the air conditioner vents kept blowing them out. — Joahn R.

Rescue Me
I attended a cousin's wedding and when the bride and groom knelt for prayer, those peeping were amused to see on the groom's shoe soles   HE LP.  It was a bit amusing at a very solemn time!

At my own wedding, my husband had a small brother who was very attached to him.  The family tried to keep him in the back part of the church with relatives. During the service, he managed to get away and proceeded to crawl towards the front of the church and was caught by the feet at the last seat possible before getting to the altar.  He was going to his brother regardless of the ceremony taking place!  — Phyllis S.

Laughter is Good Medicine
My husband, Roger, is a registered nurse, so we decided to do something other than the usual "you may kiss the bride" during our wedding ceremony. We planned it with the pastor. After he pronounced us husband and wife, he said,  "You may now perform CPR." With that, Roger leaned over and gave me my first kiss as his wife.  Everyone burst out laughing and clapping and we loved it! — Laurel W.

Held Hostage
I met my husband, Jim, in January of 1960, when he was visiting my neighbor. I was a senior in high school, and three months later we were engaged. He joined the Army reserves, and I planned the wedding while he was away for six months in boot camp. He came home and we were married Nov. 5th, 1960 — it was a beautiful wedding. At the reception, two of my dad's best friends kidnapped me, and as we were driving around we passed a Steak & Shake. I mentioned being hungry as I hadn't eaten all day due to the excitement, so they turned back and we went to Steak & Shake. Back then there was curb service, and much to the surprise of the car hop, there I was a bride of 18 years old with TWO older men. They immediately said they had kidnapped me from the wedding, and that my father didn't want me to marry the man of my dreams. She really wasn't sure if it was a joke or not. I did order my fries and steak burger; we sat in the car and I ate — it was sooo good! Then they took me back to the reception, and needless to say, my NEW husband was not impressed…but he got over it and we had a wonderful rest of the night.

He passed away due to complications from Alzheimer's on Oct. 17th, 2008, just a few weeks before our 48th anniversary. I still love Steak & Shake and think of him every time I order my steak burger and fries...I cherish every memory of him and praise God for the years we had. We had three children and now I have two beautiful granddaughters.  God is good!  — Marlene W.

Gone Awry
They brought the cake in a convertible with the top down on a hot July day and it shifted some to the side. I lost my shoe in the ceremony as they asked us to kneel. It made a loud noise on the wood floor, which sounded like a gun and scared my husband to be! Later in the service, I tried to make his ring fit on his right hand while he quietly protested and then got a little louder. We made it to the reception only to have neighborhood yokels pull him from reception to “shiveree” him. We went looking for him and they grabbed me, put me in a wheelbarrow and made my new husband push me around the town square! Halfway around, I pulled off my shoes and ran for it, but they brought us back. We finally made it back to the reception and then went on home, only to be accompanied by family. — Wallace Joyce B.

Snot Funny
Oh, this was so many years ago, but the memories remain.  I was a young single woman.  My friend was getting married and I was in the bridal party.  I had a bad cold, but the excitement of the day pushed that aside.  We were waiting to walk down the aisle and I was standing next to the bride.  I let loose with a big sneeze, but I didn't think anything about it.  The music played, and all of us in the bridal party walked down the aisle. While we waited for the music to start for the bride another sneeze threatened to come, and I thought, “Oh no! No Kleenex! Oh well, I think it's okay.”  So then, here came the bride.  As I looked I could see something swaying back and forth in time to the music at the bottom of her veil.  As she came closer to my disbelief — sure enough — my snot was at the bottom of her veil!  I thought, good, nobody sees it.  But, of course, it didn't end there!  When her Dad lifted her veil, the snot flew over her and hit the groom on the forehead.  We all pointed and laughed at the groom, but then the fingers were pointing at me.  Why?  I had a booger hanging out of my nose.  At that time I turned to the wedding guests and said, "It's snot over ‘til it's over!"  I took a bow and, of course, used my bouquet of flowers as a Kleenex....ewww.   — Gloria M.

Cold Feet
I will share what happened on our wedding day, which was 51 years ago on Valentine’s Day. We were on our way, when we had a blowout on a bridge. We got stopped and Bob and our friend Jerry, who was riding with us, got out and changed the tire. While doing that, Bob tried to talk our friend into turning around! He said, “No way — you have come this far, and we are going all the way.” Thank you, Jerry! We are still very happily married and living by the lake. — Bernice R.

Last Laugh
We got married on July 8th, 1984, after dating for about three years. We were engaged for one and a half years, and my mom tried to get everyone I trusted to stop me, because I was born with cerebral palsy. So on our wedding day, she wasn’t happy at all, and her unhappiness showed to everyone there. She felt that “two cripples” wouldn’t make it! During the wedding, she didn’t smile, although people were calling out “Smile, Elsie!” She didn’t do anything that day but make faces, grumble, cry and everything she could do to let her feelings show! 

Well, today we have been married for 27 years and are looking for many more ahead, as we continue to put God first in our lives. — Lenda Faye O. 

Whirlwind Romance
My husband Chuck and I were married on Valentine’s Day in 1959, 53 years ago. Chuck was in college at the time, so we had a very small wedding at the home of my parents. Because he was in college 90 miles away, he wanted to get married on Friday, so we could have the whole weekend together. I’m not superstitious, but I didn’t want to get married on Friday the 13th! Besides that, Valentine’s Day is much more romantic. We met on a blind date and two months — yes, two months! — later, we were married. — Judy J.



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Funny Wedding Stories

Most experienced wedding planners could write a book about the crazy stories they have experienced as a planner.  The drunken guests, bridezillas, groomzillas, weather mishaps and bizarre events that we have seen are enough to test anyone’s patience and professionalism.

This week, we are sharing anonymous stories from event planners all over the world.  Here are some of our favorite random stories:

  • I had a wedding on a lake a few years ago for which I was doing day-of coordination only. The ceremony was on the other side of the lake and the most efficient way to reach the ceremony site was via boat. Driving was an option but a good 20 minutes or so. Though I had told the client in case of inclement weather, the outdoor option could be risky as not only were they encouraging guests to take the boat but we were not allowed inside the house itself. Needless to say, it poured rain as the ceremony began. There were 75 people waiting without cars, except for the few vendors, and the two boats were not allowed to operate when lightning was in the area. So between myself and the caterer and one guest who happened to drive, we transported all 75 guests on the 20 minute trek to the reception hall. I was later credited by the groom during toasts at the reception acknowledging that I had suggested a plan B and they declined thinking it wouldn’t rain on their big day.
  • The reception was going to be held in an old barn.  The wedding was in the late fall and the barn had not been used the week prior to the wedding. When we arrived and opened the barn doors, my assistant and I screamed when we saw that the tables were covered in bugs.  These weren’t just a few spiders, the tables were COMPLETELY covered and there were mice running around. It was so terrible.  We found an exterminator who was able to come out within an hour to spray the bugs and get the mice out.  We kept guests at cocktail hour for an extra 45 minutes until the caterer could set the room.  None of the vendors could eat their dinner knowing what had happened.
  • We had a bride who drew more than 20 extensive diagrams for her wedding day.  The diagrams were absolutely incredible and looked more like artwork.  Every time she changed a detail, she would spend days redrawing the diagrams and resend them to me.  I hope that she embraced her artistic ability after the wedding since the marriage only lasted a few months.
  •  The bride and groom had VERY different opinions on everything. Even things they should have been working on before getting engaged:  religion, how they thought about money, where to live.  At every planning meeting, there was always a discussion about one of those topics. We had a meeting one afternoon to finalize design details. The $hit hit the fan when (and very odd) we were discussing where the aisle would go and how the bride would enter. The groom literally went ballistic over which set of doors the bride would come in. It was strange and once the fight started, there was no stopping it. I sat between them at the head of the table like the divorce attorney would. They went back and forth arguing and her mother was there. She was beside herself. The groom called the bride spoiled (again, over the aisle so it wasn’t really about the aisle) and she took the ring off and threw it so hard and fast that I am surprised she didn’t hurt him. She got up and said it’s over. Walked out.  I had to go after her, calm her down then go talk to the groom. I had to (on the spot) pull paperwork for them to sign (since they had signed the original contract together) to go forward and start undoing everything. It was a toxic relationship from the beginning and it was very sad that they went as far into the planning as they did. They fought over every wedding detail too. If she wanted white cake, he wanted chocolate. If she wanted a ballroom, he wanted a barn. It was very strange to have a groom that was so set on what HE WANTED for HIS wedding. Most couples refer to it as “our” wedding.
  • I had an officiate who was a naturopath and kept encouraging everyone to be calm and zen like throughout the day. About 40 minutes into the ceremony one of the bridal party members passed out. The formerly calm officiate freaked out and yelled “Is there a doctor in the house?” at which point 5 doctors rushed to the ceremony area. The groom and many of the guests were doctors. The poor guy who passed out was beyond embarrased and the it took awhile for the officiate to compose himself again.
  • I was doing a wedding in Mexico, in the middle of nowhere for a couple from LA. The venue manager is the guy who “gets you things”, since we are so far from civilization he had to make sure everything anyone could need was covered. I’m running around checking on everything and I see that some of the guests are running back and forth between the bathrooms quite a bit. My makeup artist who had traveled with me, came to the reception to help me with set up and clean up. She was sitting in a back area near the restrooms. She told me that the venue manager had provided the guests with cocaine!  At the same wedding, I also had seen these random ladies sitting near the restrooms. I thought they were the band members girlfriends. When my makeup artist had been talking with the venue manager to find out what was going on in the bathrooms, she also found out that these ladies weren’t girlfriends….they were hookers that he had on standby. The venue manager had to cover every guest need from cocaine to hookers!
  • Rule 1: Don’t touch the wedding planners boobs. We were finishing the ceremony set up. My bride’s twelve year old son who was autistic came up to me, and placed his hands on my boobs and started rubbing them while he asked me, “Miss Julie, when is the wedding going to start?”. I immediately grabbed his hands, removed them,  and looked around to see if anyone had seen this, and calmly told him when the wedding started. As the bride, her mom, and I came down the elevator I knew had to tell them what had happened, and all they said was, “Yeah, he does that a lot!”

Thank you to all the planners who have shared their hilarious stories with us this week!


Posted on March 21, 2017 .