LithiumCinema's Toronto Wedding Videography & Photography Team


Thayer Radic: 

OWNER / Lead Cinematographer/Editor

Graduate: Toronto Film School (with honours) 

A profession cinematographer/Videographer and camera operator, Thayer has a long background in Canadian television, particularly short films for the Bravo channel.

He is also an accomplished writer and director, his most well known short, "Laundry Day" has won award all over the world. 

Thayer has taken his technical and artistic experience gained from television and filmmaking to produce weddings and events with a uniquely developed style.


Christine Tanel.:

Lead Photographer

Christine is a graduate of the University of Guelph Humber where she studied media studies with an emphasis on photography.

Christina is our very talented lead photographer. She has been with us for 3 years and we are lucky to have her as part of our team. 

You can check out her work on our site or go to her website:



Eli Buyko:

Drone Operator / videographer/ Photographer

My first passion is videography, but my second is creativity and how how artistic passion works in combination in the  brain to create some of the greatest shoots. I am always a loyal worker to all of my customers and I usually let my footage speak for itself, which includes the difficult task of telling a story from 300 feet in the air. I have 12 years of experience under my belt. - Eli



Production Co-ordinator/Logistics

Milo's responsibilities include coordinating the photographers and videographers for the purpose of logistics. One example would be to compose a one sheet of Locations, pictures and weather info on your wedding date.

Milo insures we cross all of our T's and dot our I's. Milo's information helps our shooters work faster and better. 



Photographer/Photo Editor Expert

Freelance videographer and photographer for 4 years. After her freelance work Eunice hooked up with LithiumCinema to work as a very talented principal Photographer.

Karen Lamba:

Professional Photographer and Videographer

Karen has worked in the wedding videography business for years, and obtained a wealth of knowledge. She is also a fantastic photographer.

Karen acts much like a producer, keeping us on schedule, monitoring logistics, and solving any and all problems which can arise when shooting a live event. We are lucky to have her on our team! 



Webmaster/Communications/Social Media Supervisor

Joe is responsible for our social media updates including, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. Besides SEO, social media is the new way to keep a high profile presence on Google.

He also helps us keep our site up to date and provide our clients with as much information as possible. 

Joe's skills are as indispensable as anybody else's. 



Intern/Helper of all Things!

Rachel is a young student looking to lean more about her interests which include photography and videography. She offered to be a helping hand just to have the opportunity to learn.