Toronto (GTA) Wedding Videography & Photography Services by LithiumCinema


LithiumCinema Headquarters: 2200 Wiseman Court. Mississauga ON, Canada/Office Hours: Mon-Fri/8am - 9pm. Contact Us: Text or call at 647. 338. 7006 or e-mail us and we will return your inquiry as soon as possible. 



The Service

LithiumCinema is proud to serve Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughn, Oakville, Burlington, Markham,  and the surrounding GTA with cinematic wedding videography.  

We strive to customize the shooting and editing of your final wedding video to tell the unique story of your special day. We recognize it is critical to understand our client’s expectations and personal vision for their wedding video, and therefore work hard to bring those ideas to life.



One on one consultations are an important starting point of the process before your wedding day.  We work diligently with our clients to produce a comprehensive plan for the wedding day shoot.



Our video packages will not just include the fully edited cinematic DVD's but also the RAW footage on a hard drive for safe keeping. We provide the RAW footage at no extra charge. We also Include engagement video/photo shoots that you can showcase via projector at your reception as a video or slideshow. You also get the DVD burn files so you can make more copies of your wedding DVD at home. We do not copyright any of our work once given to our clients. 



An average wedding produces 500 - 1500 photos. Our photo editor will crop and colour correct all usable photos. The client then may choose 15-20 pictures for more extensive editing. Lithium also offers LARGE CANVAS PRINTS for your guests to sign as they enter the reception (This requires an engagement session). Let us know if you are interested in a canvas print. We also offer a variety of albums, get more info HERE. Clients can choose the photos that are printed in the album or you can leave it up to us. 

All photos taken will be put on a hard drive along with the video RAW footage.

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LithiumCinema started to serve the Toronto GTA community with corporate and wedding photography for almost 3 years. Eventually we gravitated toward video, as we discovered new advances in video technology . It gave Lithium an avenue to express our creativity we didn't imagine was possible. Since then, we have concentrated mostly on wedding cinematography; 7 years and counting. 

The Right Tools For The Job! 


LithiumCinema shoots exclusively with SLR HD cameras. We specialize in the operation of the Canon 5D mark II, mark III, and the Canon 7D - 7D mark II. We also love our GoPro's for their versatility in capturing stylized shots including underwater shooting. 

SLR's are becoming a favorite tool for cutting edge videography and documentary filmmaking. The SLR's sensor and interchangeable lenses provide a cinematic image that was perviously only possible with a much pricier camera rig. Contrary to popular belief, the quality of the lens is often more important than the camera itself.


Wireless Lav, Shotgun Mic's & Digital Recorders

Seinheisser wireless lav microphones are the best mics for clear, intimate dialogue during ceremonies and speeches. A highly directional shotgun mic is great for an on-camera mic, and works well when shooting in a run and gun environment. The third and final option for great audio is a digital recorded. We use recorders for plugging into a PA system or the DJ mic and grabbing crisp, off camera audio.  


Steady-cam Flyer - (Professional Steady-cam System)

We use the best in steady-cam technology for beautiful steay-cam shooting, ask us for more information about our steady-cam professionals and their industry experience. 



Lithium also uses the newest Phantom drone for areal video. Perfect for wedding and event establishing shots and park shooting. It shoots great HD video with its attached GoPro hanged from a gimbal to keep the image perfectly steady. 

 LithiumCinema INC

 LithiumCinema INC