LithiumCinema offers a SDE (same day edit) as an optional addition to all packages.

A talented editor that we often work with accomplishes an SDE. He or she will shadow us as we shoot throughout the day and immediately begin to edit the footage at a predetermined safe area. The workspace area is usually a quiet nearby room, with a table and chair and access to power (outlet).

The final product will be a 3-5 minute recap of all events prior to the completion of the edit. An editor will require 2-3 hours to complete the video.

A digital file of the same day edit will be transferred onto a computer via USB key. This file can be played on a projector at the wedding reception, or by whatever means you intend to showcase the video. It is the responsibility of the DJ or venue to facilitate the presentation of the same day. A basic SDE starts at $500.

All SDE’s will be overlaid with a song. The editor usually chooses the song in order to assure it “fits well” with the video clips. Clients can also suggest songs, but they should be provided well in advance of the wedding date.


Same Day Edit 

same day edit

same day edit