The challenges of video over photo capturing weddings

Event Videography and its challenges are often compared to event or wedding photography. In reality the two are extremely different in their methods and challenges.

Unlike photography, which can be accomplished with a single photographer, one camera and a few lenses. Videography can easily require a truckload of equipment, which is why most professional videographers need to work with at least one other person.

As videographers, we often need time to set up multiple cameras and set up various pieces of audio acquisition equipment. Most clients forget that we have to worry about not just the captured picture but also the quality of the audio. This is most important during the ceremony and therefore a set –up time, about (25min) is required before the ceremony begins. Unlike a photographer, we can’t show up minutes before the event begins.

Clients often don’t consider set up times for video/audio and it can bring us dangerously close to missing parts of the ceremony or reception due to weather, traffic etc. Wiggle room in the schedule is essential.

We should always have a buffer of time in between locations so we don’t have to rush to set-up if an unforeseen problem causes us to arrive later than expected.

If scheduling for a videographer is considered it makes the job much easier in terms of shoot errors due to rushing, not to mention it improves our ability to get better shots in general. A little bit of extra time can make a world of difference. 

Posted on March 20, 2017 .