Getting Ready - What you can do to make your video better


Getting Ready in the Morning

1)   The groomsmen don’t have much to do except suit up and that can be realistically faked, but its not the same with the bride preparations which are much more extensive. Video requires action, and we need to be with the bride while she is in the process of getting ready; faking it after the fact is not ideal.


2)   Video and photo loves natural light. The bride should always try to choose a place for hair/makeup in a well-lit area, preferably by a large window.  We try to avoid indoor lighting (light bulb lights) at all cost. The color temperature of tungsten light, (indoor lights) often have an undesirable orange colour temperature. This can create a grainy orange colour cast in the video. 




3) Keep us in the loop. Always let us know what is happening, when, and where. It would be a shame for us to be shooting a bridesmaid getting her makeup done downstairs, while unknowingly to us, your mother is tying up your wedding dress upstairs.


Space is also another problem to consider. Our videographers need space to move around subjects we are shooting, so please keep that in mind when choosing a place to do your morning prep. Bathrooms and small or dark bedrooms are not ideal. Living rooms or well-lit kitchens are fantastic.


Posted on March 3, 2016 .