Things You Can Do To Help Us Make Your Photos and Video Better

Things You Can Do To Help Us Make Your

Video & Photos Better!


*Not everything on this list is a necessity or a MUST DO; its only purpose is to give clients recommendations and suggestions to follow only if possible.


Getting Ready in the Morning

We Need Action

·      The groomsmen don’t have much to do except suit up and that can be realistically faked, but the bride preparations which are much more extensive, shouldn’t be faked. We need to be with the bride while she is in the process of getting ready and interacting with her bridesmaids/family members.


Natural Light is King

·      Video and photo love natural light. The bride should always try to choose a place for hair/makeup in a well-lit area, preferably by a large window.  We try to avoid indoor lighting (light bulb lights) at all cost. The color temperature of tungsten light, (indoor lights) often have an undesirable orange colour temperature. This can create a grainy orange colour cast in the video.  This is especially important when tying of the wedding dress. Open all windows and try to get as much sunlight in your home as possible.


Room to Shoot

·      Space is also another problem to consider. Our videographers need space to move around subjects we are shooting. Please keep that in mind when choosing a place to do your morning prep.

·      Bathrooms and small or dark bedrooms are not ideal. Living-rooms or well-lit kitchens are fantastic.


In the Loop

·      Keep us in the loop. Always let us know what is happening, when, and where. It would be a shame for us to be shooting a bridesmaid getting her makeup done downstairs, while unknowingly to us, your mother is tying up your wedding dress upstairs.


The Ceremony

Clear Audio

·      Make sure you let your officiant know you will have videographers present, as there might be rules for where the camera can or cannot be. Most importantly, you will want to ask the officiant if we can plug into their PA system to record all audio from the venue microphones in used. There is usually an audio technician that will need to be notified or be on site.


This all may seem unnecessary, or even a hassle, but it’s the best (and sometimes the only) way to get clear audio from all parts of the ceremony.

(Some churches can be apprehensive about anybody plugging into their system; you might have to be a bit forceful to get access)


The Photo Shoot

Think Outside the Box

·      If you plan to book a photo shoot in a park, try to have a second location that is more creative and offbeat. Your photographer will love you for it and it will make for interesting video. Google alternative photo locations for great ideas.


The Reception

Plug In

·      If your speeches will be using your DJ’s microphone we always plug into, and record from the DJ’s system. This is something you should tell your DJ prior to the date, although most pro DJ’s will understand why we need to record their audio.


Lights Camera Action

·      Lastly, receptions are usually very dark for most cameras’ to get a crisp and clear picture. We have video lights to deal with the low light issue but most halls have spotlights for entrances, first dances, dancing etc.

·   If you can fit it in your budget, hall lighting makes a tremendous difference in the ambience/look of the wedding reception for photo and video, not to mention, your guests. This includes LED wall      lighting and most importantly, dance floor spotlights for the first dance and entrances. These types of mood and display lighting are well worth the money from the standpoint of photo and video. It also showcases a beautifully lit reception for your guests. 


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Posted on March 12, 2016 .