TIPS for Clients

Suggestions for Better Videography & Photography

 Bride & Groom Getting Ready


               If possible, open all windows and blinds and keep all indoor lights off.  Natural light is much more friendly for video rather than indoor tungsten light bulbs.


               Avoid prep/makeup in bedrooms; they are usually too dark and cramped. Room to move around a subject is important for a more dynamic shooting style. 


               A good place to do shoot preparations is usually a dining room or living room. These areas tend to have more natural light from larger windows. Keep the area tidy and neat, as it will be reflected in the video.




It’s best to shoot “real” prep activities that aren’t staged, especially for the video.  This can range from brushing teeth, applying makeup, getting dressed and everything in between.



               Most churches have PA systems that control the various microphones used by the church.  Recording from the PA produces the best quality audio; ask if this can be made possible for your videographer.  Also ask if your priest will allow us to mic him for better audio. This may not always be possible but it will make a significant difference,



               Parks are the most common choices for the post wedding photo shoot but there are less traditional locations that work just as well. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.  If you’re looking for possible locations we can provide a list of great spots in Toronto and across the GTA.


               The more time scheduled for the park/photo shoot the better. An hour is the bare minimum, for videography 1.5 - 2 hours is preferred.



               Shooting style and the equipment used will change depending on the specific event being covered.


               These include entrances, first dance, speeches, cutting of the cake etc. It is therefore extremely important to provide a detailed (and accurate) itinerary of the reception events. An MC who can update the video team on any changes to the schedule (weddings usually run late) is always a must.


    The DJ

               As in the church, recording audio from the DJ’s soundboard provides the cleanest recording for the video.


               Check to make sure your DJ will allow us to plug into their mixer. Videographers and DJ’s work together during the reception so pick your DJ carefully and inform them that there will be a videographer.


               The DJ or hall may have lighting options such as spotlights and overall mood lighting or effects lighting. If this can be incorporated in your budget, it’s worth it. It will visually improve the videography and photography. 

Posted on March 1, 2016 .