5) The Famous BADLANDS just outside Milton - Shoot Locale

Commonly known as the Badlands or Mars, this natural buildup of erosion has creating a hotspot for passrs by or even tourists intending to see the landscape for itself. 

Due to clear cutting, the football sized area has over hundreds of years, eroded deep paths for rainwater to stream from the top of the ridge to the bottom. It mores in much the same was as the grand canyon but on an obviously much smaller scale.

The earth in Bandlands and for several miles around is used to producer terra cotta. uure to the tera cotta soil it's given a dark reddish color which explains the area often being called mars. 

This phenomenon is so incredibly rare in terms of size and brilliant terra cotta color, it is one of the most sought after locations for shooting, and not just for weddings.

Numerous films, commercials and even music videos have unitize is visually unique attributes. The most famous of these being , "Our Lady Peace" song - Naveed. If its in your budget i would strongly recommend at least a consideration. Your photographer and videographer will thank you for choosing a location with so many beautifully creative possibilities .


Posted on December 3, 2013 .