1) Toronto Wedding Photography and Videography Locations

The Wedding day photo shoot is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a wedding photo album. This being said, most couples neglect the effort to find the right location or locations to get photo and video coverage that will be unique to their own wedding day. Don't get we wrong, there is nothing wrong with a local park, but thats the same line of thinking with most wedding planners and can lead to great photos. Unfortunately they can easily lac the uniqueness and personal connection every newlyweds should strive for in every aspect of their wedding day: this includes your photo/video shoot locations. 

Sometimes an unlikely locale can help unleash the creativity of your photographer or videographer and help them to produce breathtaking footage that will not only look great, but it would be something  yo've already seen while flipping through a friends photo album or wedding video. 


The Distillery District  

55 Mill Street
Toronto, ON  M5A 3C4
Tel: 416-364-1177

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Toronto Island Toronto Islands Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A

Phone: 416-203-0405

Central Island is just south of downtown via a quick ferry ride. It's a must visit for not only Toronto residents, but anybody looking for a fun filled video shoot with plenty of attractions, activities and breathtaking sights.

With such a vast variety of creative possibilities, Toronto Island is without a doubt one of our top 5 locations for wedding videography and photography shoots. 


The many attractions such as rides, coasters and carnival games are great for video action shots: not to mention the fact that they're fun :). Take a look at what Toronto island offers and  feel like a kid again! Perfect for an engagement video!



Black Creek Pioneer Village     

5 Shoreham Drive, Downsview,                                                                                                                                                           Ontario, M3N 1S4, Canada

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Black Creek provides a full day of fun outdoor activities and attractions. Although the time constraints of a wedding day may not be logistically possible for these activities, they would be perfectly suitable for an engagement or trash the dress shot.

Step into the past to give your shoot a timeless aesthetic.



Posted on November 27, 2013 .